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Local Laws

Council is empowered under the Local Government Act to introduce Local Laws which help maintain good order and public safety.

In particular, General Local Law No. 2 covers issues such as:

Public Street and Road Usage.
Alcohol consumption.
Burning of Offensive Materials.
Keeping of Animals

A permit may be required to carry out various activities under General Local Law No. 2, such as holding a street stall. The links below will provide you with further details.

Please contact the Compliance Unit on 5348 1577 or 5348 1633 if you require any additional information.


Download Files
 Local Law No. 1
 General Local Law No. 2 - Community Amenity and Municipal Places
 Policy No. 19 - Temporary Signs, Tables & Chairs & Goods for Sale on Road Reservations
 Application for Temporary Street Stall

Date Printed: 2/02/2015
Hepburn Shire Council  2015
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