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Council is currently undertaking a review of all Policies


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 6 (C) Revenue and Collections Policy
 7 (C) Recreation Policy
 9 (C) Council Owned and Controlled Property
 12 (C) Tourism Policy
 15 (C) Asset Management Policy
 16 (C) Heritage Conservation Policy
 16.1 (C) Heritage Loan Policy
 16.2 (C) Heritage Plaques Policy
 19 (C) Temporary Signs, Tables and Chairs and Goods for Sale on Road Reservations
 24 (C) Risk Management Policy
 25 (C) Naming of Council Properties
 29 (C) Buy Recycled and Waste Minimisation Policy
 30 (C) Privacy Policy
 31 (C) Events Policy
 32 (C) Film Liaison Policy
 33 (C) Respectful Behaviours Policy
 36 (C) Notification of Road Construction Works
 37 (C) Councillor Staff Relationship Policy
 38 (C) Roadworks Planning Permit Condition Policy
 39 (C) Access and Inclusion Policy
 40 (C) Public Art Policy
 42 (C) Public Buildings Maintenance Policy
 43 (C) Youth Policy
 44 (C) Flags, Banners, Special Lighting and Other Decorations Displayed on Council Managed Buildings
 45 (C) Fraud Prevention Policy
 46 (C) Procurement Policy
 47 (C) Neighbourhood Houses and Centres Policy
 48 (C) Community Facility Hire Fee Waiver Policy
 49 (C) Our Commitment to the Human Rights Charter
 50 (C) Investment Policy
 60 (C) Plaques and Memorials on Public Land and Buildings Policy
 61 (C) Special Rates and Charges
 63 (C) Hardship Policy
 64 (C) Complaints Handling Policy
 65 (C) Borrowings Policy
 66 (C) Election Period 2012 Caretaker Policy
 74 (C) Protected Disclosure Policy
 75 (C) Community Planning Policy
 Community Planning Strategy
 78 (C) Vegetation Exemptions Protection
 Councillor Code of Conduct
 Councillor Expenses and Resources Guidelines
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