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Hepburn Shire Council Emergency Recovery

The Hepburn Recovery Team

The Shire has an emergency recovery team trained and ready to respond to any emergency. They have prepared for the ‘worst-case’ scenario and recruited recovery service coordinators for a number of recovery services. Use this link Recovery Services Diagram to view the range that has been prepared for.

The Hepburn Recovery Team is lead by the Municipal Recovery Manager (MRM), and further information on this important role can be viewed via the following link: Interview with the Hepburn MRM

A detailed Emergency Recovery plan is in place which outlines how an emergency recovery operation will be implemented, and this plan can be viewed via the following link: Hepburn Emergency Recovery Plan.

The Recovery Process

An emergency recovery operation can be protracted and complex. The call for services will start during the emergency and can continue for the next two years (depending on the impact). A major bushfire is likely to require a long term recovery operation. The process of recovery is outlined via the following link: Emergency Recovery Process .

Recovery Coordination

An effective recovery operation must provide the ‘right information and services’ to the ‘right people’ at the ‘right time’. This can only be achieved through careful planning, coordination and good communication. The approach Hepburn Shire has taken in preparing for a major recovery operation is best demonstrated by this link to the DHS LGA Recovery Planning web site.

This site provides a guide to the ‘whole’ recovery service coordination model being employed here. Each of our recovery service coordinators have prepared plans and developed strong relationships with their service providers.


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