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Capital Works

The Infrastructure Unit is responsible for formulating Council's Capital Works Program, managing the design of major construction projects and the construction and maintenance of all local roads and infrastructure within the Shire.

The Capital Works Program has been developed to meet likely community infrastructure needs now and into the future.  It also enables existing assets, including roads, bridges and footpaths to be maintained and improved to an acceptable and safe level, and to be upgraded where appropriate. 

Following are some capital works completed in the previous 12 months:

Works Completed 2013 / 2014  
Road Reseal Program 2013/2014    $1,208,000
Vaughan Springs Road Reconstruction $250,000
Slaty Creek Pedestrian Bridge Planning and Design $11,000
Relocation of Mineral Water Tanks at HMSR $103,000
Stanbridge Street Traffic Calming Works $12,000
The Warehouse Clunes $3,109,000
Tylden Springhill Road Reconstruction - Joint Project with Macedon Shire $290,500
Creswick Bowling Club $1,315,000
Stage 1 Flood Mitigation Works in Creswick $603,000



Works Scheduled to be Completed in 2014 / 2015  
Excelsior Bridge Reconstruction $725,000
Suburban Street Clunes Upgrade $80,000
Slaty Creek Pedestrian Bridge Construction $120,000
Jubilee Lake Car Park Upgrade $40,000
Mossops Road Construction $20,000
Gravel Road Resurfacing Program 2014 / 2015 $550,000
Road Reseal Program 2014 / 2015 $1,250,000
Glenlyon Playground Renewal  $25,000




Date Printed: 2/02/2015
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