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Resources for young people

Need Help Now?

Kids Help Line www.reachout.com.au 1800 55 1800
Life Line www.lifeline.org.au 131 114

Medical Assistance

The Lounge   03 5348 2523
Daylesford Community Health Centre
Cnr. Jamieson & Hospital Streets, Daylesford
The Lounge provides free, confidential medical consultation for young peopel every Monday.  Appointments available between 12.30pm and 3.30pm.


Hepburn Health Services
The Hepburn Health Service provides a wide range of medical and community health options.  Please contact your local provider at:
Clunes Community Health Centre   03 5345 3102
Creswick Community Health Centre   03 5345 8165
Daylesford Community Health Centre   03 5348 2523
Trentham Community Health Centre   03 5424 1218
For further information visit Hepburn Health Services website http://www.hhs.vic.gov.au/



Asthma Foundation of Victoria www.asthma.org.au 1800 654 130
BreastScreen Australia www.cancerscreening.gov.au 132 050
Fertility Control Clinic www.fcc.com.au 1800 809 013
HIV and AIDS Info Service   1800 038 125

Sex and Sexuality


www.splinta.org 03 5320 5140
Gay and Lesbian Switchboard home.vicnet.net.au 1800 184 527
Centre Against Sexual Assault www.casa.org.au 1800 806 292
The Royal Women's Hospital Pregnancy Advisory Service www.thewomens.org.au/health/unplanned-prganancy-information/ 03 8345 3063
Child and Maternal Health Line www.dhs.vic.gov.au/mch 132 229
Family Planning www.fpv.org.au 1800 013 952
Mensline www.menslineaus.org.au 1300 789 978
Womens Health Victoria www.whv.org.au 1800 442 007

Family Services


Daylesford Child and Family Services

Daylesford CAFS offers a range of family services, including the following programs for young people:

  • Reconnect Program - Oppurtunities, choices, support for young people and their families.  Contact Karen Worsley 5348 8200.
  • SAAP - Offering support to young people, families, singles & couples who find themselves in insecure, unsafe or inadequate housing, are homeless or facing a housing crisis.  Contact Rae Hough 5348 8200.


Education, Training and Employment


Neighbourhood Houses and Learning Centres

Neighbourhood Houses and Learning Centres offer a range of professional and community courses, as well as access to computers and the internet, printing and copying.

Clunes Neighbourhood House      5345 3486
Creswick Learning Centre            5345 2356
Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre 5348 3569
The Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre runs VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning) courses, Stepping Stones, a pre-entry course for VCAL, and a weekly homework assistance group.  For more info visit their website.
Trentham Neighbourhood House 5424 1354

Centacare Ballarat 5337 8999

Centacare Ballarat offers a range of Youth Services that visit the Hepburn Shire:

  • Youth Transitions Support Initiative - The Youth Transitions Program supports 15 - 19 year olds who are out of school to find an appropriate employment, education or training option.  Contact Mark Miitel 5337 8972.
  • JPET(Jobs Placement, Employment and Training) - JPET offers individual assistance to young people aged 15 - 21 years who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, on an Unable to Live at Home payment from Centrelink, or who face significant multiple personal barriers.  Contact 5337 8999.

BLX (Ballarat Learning Exchange)  5336 5000


THAT PLACE exists to support young people in times of transition.  Resources and advice are available at THAT PLACE for job or career information or job search.  Youth Programs include:

  • JANA - Jobs a New Approach - link into mentoring
  • LEAD ON - make links to Business, have fun and gain skills
  • Centrelink
  • VET in Schools and School Based New Apprenticeship contact and information




Hepburn Health Services - Drug and Alcohol   5348 2523
Kids Help Line www.reachout.com.au 1800 55 1800
Life Line www.lifeline.org.au 131 114
Grampians Psychiatric Services www.bhs.org.au 1300 661 323
The Royal Women's Hospital Pregnancy Advisory Service www.thewomens.org.au/health-information/unplanned-pregnancy-information/ 03 8345 3063
Alannah & Madeline Foundation www.amf.org.au 03 9697 0666
SIDS and Kids Victoria www.sidsandkids.org 1800 240 400
Directline (Drug and Alcohol) www.turningpoint.org.au 1800 88 236
Quitline www.quit.org.au 13 78 48
Victims of Crime Helpline www.legalonline.vic.gov.au 1800 819 817

Legal Services


Court Network www.courtnetwork.com.au 1800 681 614
Legal Aid Victoria www.legalaid.vic.gov.au 1800 677 402
Central Highlands Community Legal Centre www.chclc.org.au 53331 5999
Grampians Juvenile Justice Unit 5333 6530
Women's Legal Service Victpria www.communitylaw.org.au/women 1800 133 302
Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service www.vals.org.au 1800 064 865



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Hepburn Shire Council  2015
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