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Preparing for Emergencies

 My Emergency Plan
 Hepburn's Emergency Preparedness
 Township Protection Plans
 Places of Last Resort - Neighbourhood Safer Places

An emergency can occur quickly and without warning, whether it is a storm, flash flood, bushfire, power outage or other major disruption. It might only cause you minor disruption if you are not directly affected, but it could be devastating for you and your community. It makes common sense to plan for such an event.

Be prepared

  • My Emergency Preparedness
  • You can take some simple steps in advance that can help minimise the impact of an emergency on you and your family. This link will guide you on how to develop your own Personal Emergency Plan

  • Hepburn's Emergency Preparedness
  • The Hepburn Shire Council has been active in planning for emergencies, particularly for the Shires greatest risk, bushfire. This link will inform you on what the Hepburn Shire Council has been doing to prepare for an emergency event.

  • Fire Prevention

  • Places of Last Resort - Neighbourhood Safer Places

  • Township Protection Plans

    Mt Lubra fire

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