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Emergency Management

Local government plays a crucial role in creating and maintaining safe communities in partnership with emergency services, a range of government agencies and local organisations. Personal safety is a clear priority across many community groups and all levels of government.
Emergency management is not a choice for Local Government it's a legislative requirement.

Hazards exist within all environments whether they are recognised or not. The need to prepare for, respond to or recover from these hazards requires that we all actively participate in the emergency management process.

This section of the Hepburn Shire Council web site serves as a guide for this emergency management process as well as outlining the Shire Councils role and the preparations they have already undertaken. We invite you to spend some time exploring this site and while you do, ponder these questions: Are you prepared? Do you know about and understand your local emergency management arrangements?

Preparing for Emergencies
Responding to Emergencies
Recovering from Emergencies
Current Emergencies
Victorian Bushfire Information
Hepburn Shire Flood Recovery
Bushfire Planning Community Consultation 2011

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