Proposed 21016/17 Budget

Council’s proposed 2016/17 budget was adopted for public consultation at its meeting in Glenlyon on 19 April 2016.
As part of Council’s Budget consultation process, we held a series of information sessions to enable residents and ratepayers to hear a summary of the Budget and to ask questions. We also discussed the revised Rating Strategy at these sessions.

The proposed 2016/17 Budget was open for public submissions until 5pm on Wednesday 25 May 2016. A special meeting to hear public submissions will be held on Tuesday 7 June 2016, and the draft Budget 2016/17 will go to the Tuesday 21 June 2016 Council meeting for adoption.

Click here to download the proposed Budget 2016/17

Solar Panel Rollout on Council Facilities

Council will install 118kW of photovoltaic (solar panel) systems on seven of the most energy intensive facilities across the Shire.  This is an initiative under Council’s Toward Zero Emissions program, which aims to achieve carbon neutrality across Council’s operations.


System Size

Creswick Hub


Creswick Depot


Creswick VIC


Doug Lindsay


Daylesford Town Hall


Daylesford Depot


Victoria Park Daylesford Community Facility



118kW Total

Greenhouse gas emission reductions from this initiative equate to:

  • 200 tonnes
  • or 11% of Councils (2014-2015) emissions
  • or emissions from 17 households
  • or taking 32 cars off the road.

An extensive tender process has paid dividends as Council was able to secure extremely competitive commercial market pricing through bulk purchasing of this equipment.   This represents a financial payback of 7.5 years.

The installation will include smart meter monitoring which will allow real time analysis of renewable solar energy generated, compared to overall facility consumption. It will also pinpoint any opportunities to further improve the energy efficiency of each of the sites. 

Other projects undertaken under the Toward Zero Emissions program include.

  • upgrade to LED streetlights
  • bio-diesel for heavy vehicle fleet
  • waste to Energy Feasibility Study.

Council has also provided $40,000 to community groups toward energy saving initiatives through the Community Grants program.