New Youth Instagram Page Launched

We are getting active in the youth social media space again after the launch of our Instagram page.  The page will be a place for our shire’s young people (we like to call them the Teen Squad) to share ideas and information about events.  We’re hoping that the possibility of winning an Apple iPad will encourage our young people to follow the page and spread the word.

You can view (and follow) the page at

Notice of intention to revise Council’s Road Management Plan

In accordance with section 54 of the Road Management Act 2004, Council gives notice that it intends to revise its Road Management Plan.

The proposed amendments are to ensure that the standards in relation to, and the priorities to be given to, the inspection, maintenance and repair of the roads and footpaths and the classes of road to which the Road Management Plan applies to, are safe, efficient and appropriate for use by the community served by the Council.

Click here for a copy of the revised Road Management Plan (Version 5) 2017.  Copies can also be inspected at Council’s offices in Daylesford, Clunes and Creswick, and libraries in Daylesford and Trentham until Thursday 4 June 2017.

Any person may make a written submission to Council on any proposal contained in the Road Management Plan and must be received by Council before 5.00pm on Thursday 1 June 2017. Submissions should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Hepburn Shire Council and submitted by post to PO Box 21, Daylesford 3460 or email to

At the Council meeting scheduled for 6.00pm on Tuesday 20 June 2017 to be held in the Daylesford Senior Citizens’ Room, Council will formally meet to consider and determine the adoptions of the Road Management Plan (Version 5) 2017.

Western Bulldogs Leadership Project

In April of 2017, 10 emerging young leaders from the Hepburn Shire were nominated and selected for the Western Bulldogs Leadership Project, where the students will undertake a variety of development workshops over the next 6 months. The students will have the opportunity to put together and deliver a community project based on the wants and needs of young people in the Hepburn Shire.

The Western Bulldogs Leadership Project is proudly supported and sponsored by the Hepburn Shire Council. We would like to thank Adam Moedt, Jenna Browne and the team at the Western Bulldogs for their continued support and commitment to the project. We look forward to seeing what our young leaders will achieve in the coming months.

From left: Cr Don Henderson, Kayleb, Maddie, Erin, Mayor Cr Sebastian Klein, Keenen, Oscar, Rachael (Hepburn Shire Council) and Cr Kate Redwood AM. (Absent: Chloe, Briony, Angie, Kelly and Abbey)

Plastic Bag Free Daylesford

On Friday 31st March, Daylesford launched the Plastic Bag Free campaign.

What this means is the Plastic Bag Free Daylesford community led group will:

  • commence a program to educate our community about the damage plastic bags are causing and why we need to stop using them
  • introduce Boomerang Bag boxes that will be set up at both Coles and Tonnas to help us all transition to remembering our reusable bags when we go shopping instead of reaching for plastic bags
  • Boomerang Bag boxes will contain reusable bags that can be borrowed if shoppers forget to bring their own bags, returning them next time they go shopping.

Council is a proud supporter of this initiative.

For more information visit