Victoria Park Community Pavilion Association – Nominations open for Executive Members

The Victoria Park Community Pavilion Association is being established to manage the Victoria Park Community Pavilion in Daylesford.  Nominations are open for the appointment of community members to serve on the Executive Committee.  Council will enter into a lease with the Association, which will be responsible for management of the facility.

Community members of the Committee should have a connection with Daylesford and expertise in one or more of the following:

  • Financial management and budgeting;
  • Facility management;
  • Fundraising and sponsorship;
  • Marketing and promotion;
  • Governance

Interested community members can download the Nomination Form and the proposed Rules of Incorporation below.

For further information contact Michael Hynes, Community and Economic Project Coordinator on 5321 6136.

Nominations close on Monday 14 August 2017 and will be considered by Council.

Model Rules for Incorporated Organisation

Nomination Form

Calling all Daylesford Library Users…

Following extensive community consultation over the last couple of years we are about to start building the new Daylesford Library as part of the Hepburn Hub in The Rex and we want to hear from you about collection, services and opening hours as we plan our move to the new Library.

If you’re interested please complete a quick survey by following the link below.

Survey will be available until 31st August 2017.


Waste to Energy Project Funding Announced

For over three years  Council has reviewed various waste to energy solutions aiming to transform organic waste otherwise sent to landfill into a valuable fuel resource.

We have identified a small scale, renewable energy solution which demonstrates clear economic, social and environmental benefits.

$650,000 funding under the New Energy Jobs Fund will enable Council to:

  • Process 1,500 tonnes of organic waste diverted from landfill annually
  • Create 5 ongoing jobs.
  • Reduce landfill and waste transportation costs by $280,000 annually
  • Generate renewable base load energy.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 200,000 tonnes over 20 years from avoided fossil fuel use and landfill methane emissions.
  • Demonstrate the economic and technical viability of this fast rate anaerobic digestion process
  • Highlight how smaller, scalable system design can be readily deployed to meet varying energy demands.

The system has been designed to readily scale up to process 40,000 tonnes of organic waste into the future in collaboration with neighbouring Councils.

The longer term innovative vision is to use the existing gas network to distribute ‘green gas’ from the Hepburn Waste to Energy plant to micro power generation sites in community facilities across the region.

This solution has the potential to be a catalyst for the growth of sustainable energy jobs in Victoria.

This project has the potential to encourage other Councils and organisations to understand the benefits of adopting this scalable waste to energy solution.

Watch this video to see how it will work…

(L-R: Cr John Cottrell, Mary-Anne Thomas MP, The Hon. Lily D’Ambrosio, Mayor Cr Sebastian Klein & Cr Don Henderson)


Notice of Annual General Meetings & Call for Nominations for Special Committees

The Annual General Meetings for Council’s Section 86 Committees are as follows:

  • Creswick Museum Special Committee of Council – 4:30pm – Monday 7 August – The Creswick HUB.
  • Glenlyon Recreation Reserve Special Committee of Council – 7:30pm – Wednesday 2 August- The Pavilion.
  • Lyonville Hall Special Committee of Council – 7:00pm – Tuesday 17 October – Lyonville Hall.
  • Lee Medlyn Home of Bottles Special Committee of Council – following the general meeting commencing at 10:30am – Wednesday 9 August – Lee Medlyn Home of Bottles
  • Dean Recreation Reserve & Tennis Courts Special Committee of Council at 7:00pm – Wednesday 26 July – Dean Recreation Reserve.

Council is also seeking applications from individuals, including current members and other interested people, to be appointed to the following Special Committees:

  • Creswick Museum- must be willing to serve on the roster a minimum of once per month, as well as assist within the museum and research centre
  • Lyonville Hall
  • Dean Recreation Reserve and Tennis Courts
  • Glenlyon Recreation Reserve
  • Lee Medlyn Home of Bottles
  • Drummond Hall

New members will be appointed for either two or three years – to enable continuity of some members when the next renewal occurs.

Application forms are available from Council offices or by clicking here. Completed applications detailing your interest in the committee and experience, including your resume, should be forwarded to Katherine Toom, Hepburn Shire Council, PO Box 21 Daylesford VIC 3160 or by 5pm Friday 28 July 2017.

Email My Rates Notice

Did you know? You can receive your first instalment rates notice for the 2017/18 financial year and all future notices by email if you register by 30 July 2017.  You can also register at any time for future instalments. It’s easy.

Using information in your Rates notice(s), simply complete the following steps to sign up:

  1. Your Details – Enter owner details and email address
  2. Properties – Enter each of your properties
  3. Submit

We will review your application and notify you by email when the registration is complete.


Call for Nominations – Audit & Risk Committee

Council is seeking applications from interested community members to be appointed to its Audit and Risk Advisory Committee.

The Audit and Risk Advisory Committee is appointed to assist the review of activities of management, the internal audit function and the external auditor to facilitate achieving overall organisational objectives in an efficient and effective manner.

Nominations are now open for the appointment of two community members to serve on the Committee as external independent members.

The Committee acts as an advisory body to Council and makes recommendations to Council for consideration. Final decision making rests with Council.

New members will be appointed for four years.

Nominees should:

  1. Be directly involved with Hepburn Shire, e.g. a resident, and have a demonstrated commitment to local communities;
  2. Be able to demonstrate a broad understanding of some or all of financial management/reporting risk management; governance and compliance;
  3. Be able to demonstrate an understanding of the role of local government; and
  4. Be able to communicate effectively with a wide range of individuals, organisations and professionals.

Application forms and the Committee’s Charter are available from Council offices or can be downloaded from our website.

Completed applications detailing your interest in the committee and experience, including your resume, should be forwarded to Katherine Toom Hepburn Shire Council, PO Box 21 Daylesford VIC 3160 or by 5pm Friday 28 July 2017.

Audit & Risk Advisory Committee – Charter

Audit & Risk Advisory Committee – Member Application

Have you got a great idea for a Community Project?

Council’s Community Grants Program is now open.

Community groups are encouraged to apply for funding for events, programs, projects and equipment.  This funding program links to the Hepburn Shire Council Plan.  Successful applicants will be able to demonstrate how their project links to the program objectives in one of the three Community Grant Program categories.  Grants can be sought for amounts up to $2,000.  These amounts are intended to fund a portion of the total project costs, with the remainder to be provided through other sources.

Recommendations to Council will be made on a monthly basis.

Council Officers will work closely with organisations to advise and assist to develop their project ideas and complete the application process.

Click here to apply

Please contact Tamara Patterson to discuss your ideas.