Tip Vouchers

2018-19 tip vouchers are available to pick up for those eligible residents in the shire.  The number of vouchers allocated to eligible residents can be found at the bottom of the rates notice.

Eligible residents can collect Tip Vouchers from Customer Service in Duke Street, The Warehouse Clunes, Creswick Hub and all Transfer Stations at Daylesford, Creswcik and Trentham (you will need to present your rates notice).

Please remember that lost Tip Vouchers will not be replaced.

TrumpItUp & Drone On

A free concert of pipes and brass

Friday September 28
Grand Final Friday public holiday

On the banks of Jubilee Lake, TrumpitUp & DroneOn will feature performances by hundreds of brass and pipe musicians from Central Victoria.  The concert will feature music ranging from Love Is In the Air to The Floral Song and Long Way to the Top. Daylesford’s own Daylesford Community Brass Band will be on show along with bands and dancers from Bendigo, Creswick, Maryborough, Maldon and special guests Jessica Hitchcock and Lincoln Hilton.

The event culminates in the premiere of a stunning new composition by Louisa Trewartha “The Nature of Sound”.

The participating bands are Bendigo Youth Brass Band, City of Greater Bendigo Brass Band, Creswick Brass Band, Daylesford Community Brass Band, Daylesford & District Pipes & Drums, Maldon Brass Band, Maryborough & District Highland Pipe Band who will be joined by senior and junior members of the Ballarat Highland Dancers.

Award-winning opera singer, actor and songwriter Jessica Hitchcock will also perform.

The Oval, Jubilee Lake Holiday Park

151 Lake Road, Daylesford

Start time:   2.00pm for a 2.30pm start

Finish time:  5.00pm

Parking at Victory Oval with free shuttle buses to and from Jubilee Lake Holiday Park.

Food trucks on site or bring a picnic.

Get It Right On Bin Night

By making a few simple changes around the home you can help reduce waste to landfill. Get it Right on Bin Night helps you understand how you can improve your recycling habits and make a difference from your kerbside.

Getting it right is easy – just follow these simple steps:

  • Know what you can recycle

Your kerbside recycling bin can accept paper, cardboard and packaging containers made from plastic, liquid paper board (eg. cartons), glass, steel and aluminium. Find out what you can recycle.

  • Check for recycling in every room

Many items in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, lounge and study can go in your recycling bin. Find out what you can recycle.

  • Make sure items are empty

Items don’t need to be sparkling clean, just empty.  Remove solid food scraps like pizza and leftovers.

  • Keep recycling out of plastic bags

Remember, if you put your recycling in plastic bags it may end up in landfill because it can’t be sorted and recycled.

  • Keep these items out of your recycling bin

Putting these items in your recycling bin affects the recycling process making it harder to sort and recycle the correct items.

  • Garden waste – Should be placed in the general waste bin or taken to the Transfer Stations.
  • General household waste, including items such as nappies – Put into your rubbish bin.
  • Food waste – If you have space at home you can compost your food waste, otherwise it should go in your rubbish bin.
  • Household chemicals – Find out about the Detox Your Home program.
  • Electronics (e.g. computers, TVs, mobile phones) and batteries – Can be taken to the Transfer Stations with no fee attached
  • Timber, concrete, bricks and rubble – Can be dropped off at the Daylesford Transfer Station only.
  • Household goods and furniture – Transfer Stations have ‘tip shops’ that accept good quality household goods and furniture which we then sell at great prices.

For items in good condition you can also contact your local charity shop to see if they would like them, or hold your own garage sale.

  • Polystyrene foam packaging – Place in your rubbish bin.
  • Ceramic and glass waste (non packaging) such as cups, crockery, drinking glasses, Pyrex glass, ovenware, window glass and mirrors – These items should be wrapped (if broken) and placed in your garbage bin. If they are in good condition contact your local charity shop to see if they would like them, or hand them on to friends or family.
  • Scrap metal items like car parts – these are accepted at the Transfer Stations

Draft Biodiversity Strategy – Workshops & Submissions

The Hepburn Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan 2018-2021 outlines the commitment of the Council to protect, enhance and restore biodiversity across the shire. The strategy includes a three-year action plan with 13 strategic areas of focus and 32 actions intended to provide on ground protection and enhancement of biodiversity, support well informed decision making, increase community awareness and support partnerships to improve biodiversity for future generations. This revised draft incorporates feedback received during public display and forums in late 2017, and has been further redrafted with the expertise of a community reference Group and the shire’s Biodiversity Officer.

Community Workshops

We will host three community workshops to discuss the strategy:

  • 3 September, Smeaton Bowling Club – 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm
  • 4 September, Daylesford Senior Citizens – 12.30 pm – 2.30 pm
  • 5 September, Trentham Neighbourhood Centre – 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm

To register your interest please call us on 5348 2306 (option 1 on the menu) by Thursday 30 August 2018 (specify dietary needs).


Click here to view  a copy of the Draft Hepburn Shire Council Biodiversity Strategy 2018-2021. Copies can also be viewed at Council’s offices in Daylesford, Clunes and Creswick, and Daylesford and Trentham libraries.

If you would like to make a submission on the Draft Biodiversity Strategy 2018-2021 please do so by the close of business on Friday 6 September 2018. Submissions can be made to shire@hepburn.vic.gov.au or in writing to Biodiversity Officer, Hepburn Shire Council, PO Box 21, Daylesford 3460.

For more information contact Brian Bainbridge, Biodiversity Officer, on 5321 6488.

Glass Recycling Trial at Daylesford Transfer Station

Did you know that we are trialling a glass recycling program at the Daylesford Transfer Station?

This will be a four-week trial to determine how much glass goes into our recycling bins.  You can drop off your glass recycling to the transfer station now – we have a skip onsite.   There is no charge for dropping off separated glass waste, so we strongly encourage residents to separate their glass and avoid paying.  The trial will reduce the cost of transporting commingled recycling and tipping fees to the Shire, and we have a potential buyer for glass recycling collected.   Eventually glass will be separated into colours as it is purchased by colour.



Pick My Project

Voting for the “Pick My Project” initiative is now open! Over 2,500 project ideas were submitted from across Victoria with over 2,200 projects deemed to be eligible, including many in the Hepburn Shire. The Victorian Government has committed $30 million to fund local community projects. It’s your local community, so it’s your choice.

Click here for a list of projects in the Hepburn Shire

Voting will close at 5pm, Monday 17 September 2018, so jump online, register and vote for your three favourite projects. Visit www.pickmyproject.vic.gov.au

Get It Right On Bin Night

When it is your scheduled collection time remember to:

  • have your bin out no later than 6am the morning of collection. Better still why not put it out the night before!
  • have your bins at least 50cm away from each other
  • place your bins no further than 1metre from the roadway
  • ensure your bins are at least 1m from the nearest obstruction (eg. tree, vehicle etc)

Remember – NO garden cuttings, plastic bags or food scraps should go into your Recycling Bin. All of our garbage trucks have cameras installed so they can see what is in the bin.

Clunes Hard Waste

The Clunes Hard Waste collection is scheduled for Monday 20 August 2018. Please see information below on what can and can’t be included in the collection.

Love Food Hate Waste Victoria

Food waste costs the average Victorian household $2,200 a year and we throw out 1 in 5 bags of food we buy!

The Love Food Hate Waste Victoria campaign, by Sustainability Victoria, has hundreds of tips, ideas and recipes to help you reduce your food waste.

And right now, they are helping Victorians to love their leftovers!  By using up leftovers and using what you’ve already got, you will waste less food, get more from your grocery bill and do a little bit for the environment while you’re at it.

By using up leftovers, your household could:

  • Reduce your grocery bill
  • Help the environment by wasting less resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Be more organised in the kitchen
  • Get more nutrition from your groceries
  • Live more sustainably.

Whether it’s last night’s dinner or the last few mushrooms in your fridge, there are lots of ways you can love your leftovers, such as:

  • Reinvent last night’s dinner into today’s lunch
  • Use up or freeze fresh produce if it’s about to go bad
  • Make friends with your freezer by freezing leftovers in single serve portions
  • Check the fridge and pantry before shopping so you know what you have
  • Cook up a hearty winter soup or stew to use up vegetables that are past their best
  • Plan meals around what you already have and need to use
  • Start a weekly leftovers night

Check out this video on the Love Food Hate Waste campaign…

How to get involved…

For tips, advice and recipes, you can follow the Love Food Hate Waste Victoria Facebook page or visit the website www.lovefoodhatewaste.vic.gov.au