The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) believes consumers need to be aware that all spas and swimming pools that hold more than 30 cm of water must be surrounded by a compliant safety barrier when they are set up. This includes inflatable, portable and wading pools, which, like in-ground and other permanent pools and spas, can pose dangers to young children without the proper safety barriers in place.

In Victoria the construction or installation of temporary or inflatable pools and spas, constructed within an appropriate and approved safety barrier, does not require a building permit. However, if they hold more than 30cm of water, the construction or installation of those safety barriers will require a building permit.

Non-compliance can increase the risk of drowning and lead to prosecution by the VBA.  A temporary or inflatable pool or spa must not be used until the safety barrier has been installed and a certificate of final inspection has been issued by the relevant building surveyor.

For more information about swimming pools, spas and their safety barrier requirements, refer to swimming pools, spas and their safety barriers on the VBA Website.

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