Media release archive

If you would like to access a media release issued prior to 2021, please contact Lisa or Maria in the Communications Team on 5348 2306.

December 2021

Another step forward for Creswick Trails - 22-12-2021(PDF, 333KB)

Congratulations to Community Grants recipients -22-12-2021(PDF, 362KB)

Council awards Trentham Hub contract - 22-12-2021(PDF, 332KB)

Join a LGBTIQA+ Advisory Committee - 22-12-2021(PDF, 352KB)

Pools season starts this weekend - 02-12-2021(PDF, 384KB)

November 2021

Hammon Park Tender Released - 30-11-2021(PDF, 328KB)

Return to the Office for Hepburn Shire Staff - 29-11-2021(PDF, 327KB)

Council Opposed to Western Victorian Transmission Network Announcement - 26-11-2021(PDF, 114KB)

UPDATED EMBARGOED - Aged Disability Announcement - 25-11-2021(PDF, 357KB)

Council recommits to gender equity charter - 25-11-2021(PDF, 292KB)

Council cancels Hepburn Hub at The Rex - 24-11-2021(PDF, 485KB)

Cr Tim Drylie and Cr Jen Bray Elected New Mayor and Deputy Mayor - 17-11-2021(PDF, 405KB)

Join a walk against gender based violence - 17-11-2021(PDF, 351KB)

Council hosts free storm affected community get together Psychologist Rob Gordon - 11-11-2021(PDF, 356KB)

Council hosts free storm affected community get together Psychologist Rob Gordon - 11-11-2021(PDF, 356KB)

Free green waste disposal with a smile - 10-11-2021(PDF, 213KB)

Firewood Distribution to Community Groups - 04-11-2021(PDF, 646KB)

Have your say on Early Years - 04-11-2021(PDF, 332KB)

Refurbishment to Hepburn Kindergarten - 04-11-2021(PDF, 612KB)

October 2021

Shining a Light on Extraordinary Women - 28-10-2021(PDF, 354KB)

Welcome back to libraries and Council hubs - 28-10-2021(PDF, 155KB)

Book now to collect free firewood - 28-10-2021(PDF, 129KB)

Community Award Nominations Now Open - 27-10-2021(PDF, 402KB)

Council adopts Council Plan and Community Vision - 27-10-2021(PDF, 133KB)

Masterplan for Central Springs Reserve - 21-10-2021(PDF, 360KB)

Community Plan outlines vision for Lyonville - 20-10-2021(PDF, 369KB)

Contracts awarded for works at Doug Lindsay Recreation Reserve and Calembeen Park - 20-10-2021(PDF, 372KB)

Guidelines endorsed for nature strips firewood collection and salvaging - 20-10-2021(PDF, 368KB)

Council releases 2020-2021 Annual Report - 20-10-2021(PDF, 303KB)

Council scraps library fines - 18-10-2021(PDF, 359KB)

Youth Census First Step in the Development of a new Youth Strategy -18-10-2021(PDF, 325KB)

Community Grant Open - 01-10-2021(PDF, 326KB)

Creswick Trails and Hammon Park Trail Head Project Update - 01-10-2021(PDF, 335KB)

September 2021

Proposed renaming of Jim Crow Creek - 30-09-2021(PDF, 297KB)

Council awards community grants - 23-09-2021(PDF, 358KB)

Have your say on Council's long-term financial plan - 23-09-2021(PDF, 331KB)

August 2021

Domestic Wastewater Management Plan Review - 25-08-2021(PDF, 354KB)

Community Sparks Battery Project for Hepburn Shire - 23-08-2021(PDF, 477KB)

Free firewood for residents and ratepayers - 20.08.2021(PDF, 378KB)

(PDF, 378KB)Hepburn Shire looks to Melbourne Cup public holiday - 18-08-2021

EOI Wine and Dine Gift Card business participation - 04-08-2021(PDF, 342KB)

Council awards Towards Zero grants - 18-08-2021(PDF, 333KB)

Council pounding the pavement - 18-08-2021(PDF, 328KB)

Healthy Landscapes New partnership extends offers for farmers - 18-08-2021(PDF, 233KB)

EOI Wine and Dine Gift Card business participation - 04-08-2021(PDF, 342KB)

Opportunities for events recovery - 04-08-2021(PDF, 354KB)

July 2021

Share your ideas on local tracks and trails - 30-07-2021(PDF, 365KB)

Community event for storm affected residents - 30-07-2021(PDF, 356KB)

Community Vision and Council Plan Open for Community Feedback - 28-07-2021(PDF, 187KB)

Sign up for Artisan Agriculture Business Mentor Program - 26-07-2021(PDF, 331KB)

Expression of Interest International Women's Day Advisory Committee - 22-07-2021(PDF, 352KB)

Council awards bridge and road contracts - 21-07-2021(PDF, 111KB) 

Improvement in satisfaction with Council - 20-07-2021(PDF, 332KB)

Have your say on Central Springs Masterplan - 14-07-2021(PDF, 350KB)

Manna Gums Frontier Wars Memorial Avenue First of its kind in Australia - 12-07-2021(PDF, 329KB)

Expression of Interest Artisan Agriculture Project Advisory Group - 08-07-2021(PDF, 128KB)

Funding Announced for Historic Creswick Town Hall - 08-07-2021(PDF, 327KB)

Council and Builder Part Ways on Hepburn Hub at The Rex Project - 08-07-2021(PDF, 328KB)

Community Grants Opening - 01-07-2021(PDF, 329KB)

Truck Art Competition - 01-07-2021(PDF, 335KB)

June 2021

Council Opposed to Western Victorian Transmission Network Announcement - 30-06-2021(PDF, 331KB)

Council adopts annual budget - 30-06-2021(PDF, 340KB)

Feedback on Central Springs Reserve - 25-06-2021(PDF, 351KB)

Have-your-say-on-management-of-pets-24-06-2021.pdf(PDF, 330KB)

Hepburn Hub at The Rex Project Update - 21-06-2021(PDF, 363KB)

Council awards latest round of community grants - 16-06-2021(PDF, 360KB)

Council highly commended on reconciliation efforts - 16-06-2021(PDF, 349KB)

Council invests in projects to improve biodiversity - 16-06-2021(PDF, 363KB)

Trentham Community Hub another step closer - 16-06-2021(PDF, 332KB)

May 2021

Council to Establish a Gender Equity Advisory Committee - 20-05-2021(PDF, 329KB)

Hepburn Shire signs on to energy project - 20-05-2021(PDF, 339KB)

Council adopts updated Hardship Policy - 19-05-2021(PDF, 355KB)

Council Takes Strong Stand on Western Victoria Transmission Network Project - 19-05-2021(PDF, 424KB)

Hepburn Hub at The Rex Project Update - 19-05-2021(PDF, 429KB)

Hepburn Shire Aquatic Strategy Open for Feedback - 18-05-2021(PDF, 433KB)

Pavilion redevelopment for Trentham - 18-05-2021(PDF, 331KB)

Investment boost for Wombat Hill Botanic Gardens - 13-05-2021(PDF, 331KB)

Bradley Thomas appointed as Hepburn Shire CEO - 11.05.2021(PDF, 332KB)

$3.5M boost for Trentham Hub - 11.05.2021(PDF, 361KB)

New tourist precinct at Bullarto - 10-05-2021(PDF, 353KB)

Council continues advocacy on transmission project - 07-05-2021(PDF, 154KB)

Council announces Reactivate Hepburn Grants - 04.05.2021(PDF, 375KB)

April 2021

Hepburn Shire Council and Central Highlands Regional Health MOU - 30-04-2021(PDF, 140KB)

New Kerbside Collection Service for Hepburn Shire - 22-04-2021(PDF, 475KB)

Roads on Council's agenda - 22.04.2021(PDF, 429KB)

Have your say on proposed council budget - 21-4-2021(PDF, 364KB)

Affordable Housing Policy Adopted - 21-04-2021(PDF, 331KB)

Revenue and Rating Plan - 21-04-2021(PDF, 332KB)

Round 3 of Community Grants Awarded - 21-04-2021(PDF, 361KB)

Towards Zero Community Grants Program - 15-04-2021(PDF, 139KB)

Hepburn Z-NET Looking for Expressions of Interest to Join Their Roundtable - 11-04-2021(PDF, 170KB)

Find out more about Creswick Trails - 09-04-2021(PDF, 149KB)

Council announces Community Panel - 08-4-2021(PDF, 431KB)

March 2021

Free Community Wi-Fi Project in Hepburn Shire - 31-03-2021(PDF, 357KB)

Council adopts planning scheme amendment - 30-03-2021(PDF, 330KB)

Have your say on the pool season - 25-03-2021(PDF, 327KB)

Health and Wellbeing Survey now open - 25-03-2021(PDF, 332KB)

Share your ideas to improve Central Springs Reserve - 25-03-2021(PDF, 329KB)

CVG World Heritage Happiness Index Survey - 19-03-2021(PDF, 194KB)

Council Secures $2.1 Million for Hammon Park in Creswick - 18-03-2021(PDF, 335KB)

Hepburn Planning Scheme Exhibition of Amendments - 18-03-2021(PDF, 333KB)

Join the Hepburn Together Community Panel - 18-03-2021(PDF, 398KB)

Only a Few More Days to Have Your Say - 17-03-2021(PDF, 332KB)

Project Consolidation and Prioritisation at Hepburn Shire - 17-03-2021(PDF, 338KB)

(PDF, 338KB)Creswick Trails Network Stage One – Release of Stage One Trail Alignment Maps and Design Documentation - 10-03-2021

New Trentham Early Years Service Starting - 10-03-2021(PDF, 332KB) 

Community Vision & Council Plan Sessions and Survey - 02-03-2021(PDF, 332KB)

February 2021

Customer Services at Trentham Launches - 26-2-2021(PDF, 297KB)

(PDF, 297KB)Community Engagement Policy Adopted at Special Council Meeting - 23-02-2021(PDF, 300KB)

Community Engagement Policy to be Considered at Special Council Meeting - 18-02-2021(PDF, 297KB)

Recycling Facilities in Regional Victoria to be Upgraded - 16-02-2021(PDF, 298KB)

Working For Victoria - 12-2-2021(PDF, 415KB)

Women Building Surveyors Program -04-02-2021(PDF, 361KB)

January 2021

Australia Day Awards 2021- 26-01-2021(PDF, 327KB)

Council Appoints Bradley Thomas Interim CEO - 19-01-2021(PDF, 331KB)

Hepburn Together Project Launches - 18-01-2021(PDF, 370KB)

Hepburn Shire Council CEO resigns - 06-01-2021.pdf(PDF, 304KB)