Heritage services

Council provides a free heritage advisory service to assist owners and developers with advice to maintain and care for places of heritage importance and significance to the shire.

Council’s Heritage Advisor is available to provide advice on proposed development in heritage areas. Advice ranges from heritage design and colour schemes through to restoration advice and assistance in preparing Planning Permit applications.

You can make an appointment to see the Heritage Advisor by contacting the Customer Services office on 03 5348 2306.

Hepburn Shire Council has nearly one thousand heritage places and precincts that are locally significant and protected under the Heritage Overlay of the Hepburn Planning Scheme. Council is committed to ensuring that its heritage places continue to be protected in accordance with best practice and international heritage standards.

Hepburn Heritage Strategy 2020-2030(PDF, 2MB) sets out the framework by which the council will protect these important assets. 

Is your property in a Heritage Area?

You can find out if your property is in a Heritage Overlay and the overlay number by creating a Planning Report at VicPlan.


Heritage Overlay is a way to show that a place or area has heritage values and helps to protect and conserve important heritage elements.

The Schedule to the Heritage Overlay lists all places and areas affected by the Heritage Overlay and any additional controls that may apply to a particular site. View the Heritage Overlay.

Want to find out more?

Heritage studies that give a history of the area and list buildings, places and precincts of aesthetic, architectural, historical, scientific, social or other special importance in Hepburn Shire localities include:

Daylesford-Hepburn-Springs-Conservation-Study (1985)(PDF, 9MB)

Talbot and Clunes Conservation Study, Richard Aitkens, Part A(PDF, 25MB)

Talbot and Clunes Study Report and Part B, Background Information (1988)(PDF, 41MB)

Heritage Study Shire of Creswick, Lester Tropman, Wendy Jacobs, Chris McConville and Richard Aitkens, Volumes 1 & 2, Sections 1- 4 and Building Citations (1991) 

Creswick-Shire-Heritage-Study(PDF, 14MB)

Heritage-Study-Creswick-Appendix-A-Vol-1(PDF, 34MB)

Heritage-Study-Creswick-Appendix-A-Vol-2(PDF, 33MB)

Cultural Landscapes Study of Creswick Goldfields Area, Chris McConville & Associates (1989)

Shire of Kyneton Conservation Study, page 989-1047, David Bick, Phyllis Murphy and John Patrick, Volume Three, Part B (1990)

Daylesford and Glenlyon Conservation Study, Wendy Jacob, Volume 1,

Environmental History, Volume 2,

Planning Recommendations, Volume 3, Individual Citation Sheets For Significant Places. (1989-2003) 

Vol 1 - Heritage Study Daylesford - Glenlyon(PDF, 13MB)

Vol 2 - Heritage Study Daylesford - Glenlyon -Vol 2(PDF, 91MB)

Vol 3 - Heritage Study Daylesford - Glenlyon - Vol 3(PDF, 24MB)

Public Record Office Victoria and the City of Ballarat have developed a brochure designed to help heritage home owners find out more about their historic building.  View the brochure online.