Structure plans

During the development of the Community Vision and Council Plan, a lot of community feedback centred on the liveability of the Shire. The community wanted to see strong planning controls in place to retain the character, liveability, and lifestyles that we value. Feedback indicated a strong concern for the preservation of farmland, sustainable development supported by appropriate infrastructure, and recognition of the important link between history and the area's identity.

In 2019 Council undertook and adopted a comprehensive planning scheme review and then progressed with a major planning scheme amendment, C80hep. A key recommendation of the amendment review was that Council undertake structure planning for its key townships. Following consideration of the priorities identified by Councillors and community, and the Hepburn Planning Scheme review outcomes, a Strategic Planning Five Year Work Plan was created.

Council is now working on a structure plan for Creswick. This work is underway. Find out more on Participate Hepburn.