Council's Community Vision 2021-2031 includes 'A resilient, sustainable and protected environment...’.

To achieve this, our Biodiversity Strategy will be updated as one of four themes in our Sustainable Hepburn Strategy, which is currently in development.

The objective for this theme is:

Protect and enhance biodiversity values across the Shire through restoration of natural environmental values, appropriate land use, knowledge sharing, and improved capacity of Council.

To learn more about Sustainable Hepburn and the opportunities to provide feedback visit Participate Hepburn.

See below some of the work that Council is leading in relation to biodiversity. For more information visit Artisan Agriculture or our Healthy Landscapes pages.

Biodiversity grants

Applications for the 2022 Hepburn Shire Biodiversity Grants closed on Tuesday 15 June 2022. We will announce the successful applicants in coming months and look forward to working with them. For more information on other Council grants, visit grants

Biodiversity Strategy 2018-2021

The outgoing Biodiversity Strategy 2018-2021 was adopted in November 2018.

Read the Biodiversity Strategy(PDF, 16MB).

Biodiversity will be a major theme in the Sustainable Hepburn Strategy, which Council will consider for adoption in 2022.

Managing gorse and rabbits - the Virtual Extension Officer

The Virtual Extension officer tool has been developed to help people identify options for controlling gorse, rabbits and Serrated Tussock.

Gorse and rabbits are among the most important agricultural and environmental pests in the Shire. Serrated Tussock is an emerging weed in the Shire.

The Virtual Extension Officer includes videos, downloads and links.

Visit the Virtual Extension Officer site.

Threatened species in Hepburn Shire

Over 130 plants and animals in Hepburn Shire are classified as threatened in Australia or Victoria.

Click here to see a list(PDF, 251KB)