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Animal Emergencies


Wildlife matters are not managed by Council.  Caring and handling  wildlife requires specialist skills and training.

The best thing you can do to help the animal is contact a trained professional who can give the animal the care it needs.

Wildlife Victoria run an emergency support line between 6:40am – 8:30pm AEST 7 days a week – Call them on (03) 8400 7300

If Wildlife Victoria are unavailable or unable to assist contact them at the shelter directly on 0409 380 327 and they will do their best to assist.


From time to time people will come across Livestock that are wandering, or have escaped a property or contained area. In the case of an emergency, where the livestock are a threat to people, or particularly on local roads, Council should be contacted immediately on 5348 1577 or on the after hours emergency number 0419 587 955.

It is helpful if you are able to identify the road name, and any nearby landmarks or locations that can assist staff in understanding where the livestock have been sighted.

If the livestock are located on a highway or major road, VicRoads should be contacted on 131 170. If you are unsure if the road is a local road, or a VicRoads road, you can contact Council and we can provide assistance to confirm the road hierarchy.


Safety information

If you see a snake – keep calm and try to move yourself, anyone with you and your pets away from the snake.

Never touch or attempt to capture or hurt snakes – instead call the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning on 136 186 for further advice, or call a licensed snake catcher.

Snakes are protected under the Wildlife Act 1975. It is illegal to capture, kill or harm them. Bites can occur when people try to kill snakes.

Snake catcher details

Les Williams: 0438 681 090

Jason Lambie: 5472 3239 | 0407 723 239

Jason Blainey: 0413 676 751 after 4.30PM

Snake and Animal Damage Control Toll Free: 1800 004 744

Michael Henry: 0407 973 520

Manfred Zabinskas: 5368 6813 | 0438 681 501

Gianni Hodgson: 0490 415 734