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All businesses that serve food have to comply with the Food Act 1984, to ensure the food they serve is safe. Food businesses are regularly inspected by environmental health officers.

Update for food businesses – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Food Safety

The aim of food safety is to reduce the incidence of food borne diseases within the Shire and to protect public health and safety of the community by ensuring food sold, prepared and manufactured, stored and transported in the municipality is safe, wholesome, unadulterated, fit for human consumption and in compliance with the Australian New Zealand Food Standards and the Food Act 1984.

In accordance with the Food Act 1984, all food premises must be registered with Council and are subject to an annual registration fee.  Fees are variable according to the nature of the premises.  Food premises are classified into four categories depending on the risk of the food provided.   To determine the classification of your proposed food premises please access the Food Classification Tool  below.  Premises that are Classified Class 1, 2 and 3 are required to be registered with Council and Class 4 premises (low risk – pre-packaged food) are exempt from registration however are required to notify Council.

Under the Food Act, Council’s Environmental Health Officers are responsible for :-

  • Inspection and auditing of food businesses;
  • Sampling of local produce for compliance with the Food Standards Code;
  • Investigating food borne incidents and complaints.

For information on how to set up a food business please refer to Council’s guide on “Setting Up A Food Business”

Prior to Council granting a Certificate of Registration, the following requirements must be met:

  • final inspection of the food premises by a Council Environmental Health Officer to determine structural compliance with the Food Safety Standards;
  • an approved Food Safety Program is maintained on-site (Class 1 & 2 Food Businesses Only);
  • a qualified Food Safety Supervisor has been nominated for the food business (Class 1 & 2 Food Business.

When Council is satisfied that all requirements are met, a Certificate of Food Act Registration will  be issued for your new food business.  The registration period expires 31 December annually.  This certificate does not need to be displayed in the food premises but it is a legal requirement to display the proprietor’s name.

Environmental Health Department Fees 20-21

Setting Up A Food Business with Hepburn Shire

Application to Register a Food Premises

Application to Transfer a Food Premises

New Premises – Pre Purchase Inspection Application 2020-21

Request for Inspection – Environmental Health Department 2020-21

Notification of Class 4 Food Premises

Notification of Closure of Food – Health Premises

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Temporary Food

Food Businesses and community groups that sell food, including sausage sizzles, from a temporary premises such as a food van, food stall, food vending machine and community hall, need to register or notify us using the online system Streatrader.   Water transport vehicles that sell water for drinking, preparation of food and making ice for drinks or preserving food also need to register using Streatrader.

Streatrader is a new state wide registration database for temporary and mobile food premises.  When using it for the first time you will need to create a username and password by logging onto the Streatrader website.

You will need to register your premises / business (or notify if Class 4) only once with your “principal Council” which is the Council in which :-

  • your business prepares or stores food that is to be sold at a van, stall, or vending machine; or
  • you store the equipment for a stall, or garage your food van or water transport vehicle;
  • your usual business address is located; or
  • the food van or food stall will first operate in Victoria.

When operating at a Festival / Market event which is outside of your premises registration you must also lodge a Statement of Trade (SOT) with Council prior to attending the event.

Fact Sheets

Streatrader Brochure Business

Streatrader Brochure Community Group

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