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Footpath Trading & Outdoor Dining

Footpath trading involves the use of our public footpaths for commercial purposes. The footpath is the area between the property boundary and the kerbside of a road that is provided for use by pedestrians.

Typical uses includes the placement of advertising signs, display of goods, tables, chairs and ancillary equipment, such as umbrellas, heaters, planter boxes, folding-arm awnings and screens.

Policy 19 – Placement of Fixed and Temporary Furniture, Signs and Outdoor Dining Facilities on Road Reserves provide specific standards for pedestrian zone widths, kerb zone widths, outdoor furniture, heaters, awnings and footpath signage, and also aim to achieve the intent of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

The permit-holder must ensure all staff responsible for placing items on the footpath are familiar with the area that can be occupied and permit conditions. Failure to comply with your permit may result in enforcement action or your permit may be cancelled.

If you are seeking to extend your existing Red Line area in accordance with the COVID-19 Business Support Package announced by the State Government, you can fill out the online application form below or visit the VCGLR website for further information.

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