New Arts & Culture Facebook Page Launched

We are pleased to announce that Council has launched a new Arts & Culture Facebook page.

The Arts and Culture Facebook page will help us communicate with a large sector of vibrant and creative community members.  The platform will be used to share opportunities for local artists to get involved in initiatives and apply for funding streams.  As the Regional Centre for Culture program unfolds in 2018, there will be activities to share with the arts community.

The Arts & Culture Facebook page aligns within our Council Plan Action to improve communication with the public by implementing new online social media platforms.  We encourage those in the community interested in arts and culture to like the page.

To visit (and “like”) the page click on the following link:

Introducing the Solar Savers Program for Pensioners

We are pleased to introduce a new program that is helping pensioner households to install solar with no upfront costs. At Hepburn Shire Council, we recognise that many households are interested in solar but are put off by the upfront costs and the complexity of finding a quality system and installer. That is why we have joined with 20 other councils from across Victoria to offer the pioneering Solar Savers program.

What is Solar Savers?

Solar Savers supports pensioners to install solar and save money on electricity bills, stay cool in summer, and lower emissions.  Solar Savers is being offered exclusively to pensioner households, because most own their own homes and use the majority of their power during the day, when solar panels are producing electricity.

How does Solar Savers work?

First, Solar Saver checks that solar is right for your household and that it will save you money. Next, it helps you to arrange a quality solar system from a trusted installer. Once your system is installed, Solar Savers stays in touch and helps you to make the most of your new solar panels.

There are no upfront costs. Instead, you pay for your solar system gradually through a low-interest loan. The cost of the repayments is less than the savings you make on electricity bills, so your solar system pays for itself from the beginning.

Who can participate?

If you:

  • Own your home
  • Have a Government Pension Card (aged or disability)
  • Are usually at home from 9am to 5pm
  • Have average to high electricity use (contact Solar Savers if you’re unsure)

Call Solar Savers on 9385 8512, or email You can also find out more about the program on the Solar Savers website at

We hope you will consider participating in this exciting program.

We’re Partnering with the Regional Centre for Culture

Council is a proud partner of the 2018 Creative Victoria initiative, the Regional Centre for Culture (RCC). The RCC is a yearlong program celebrating the creative industries and capacity in our region. The City of Greater Bendigo, Mount Alexander Shire, Central Goldfields Shire and Hepburn Shire local governments are all partners to the initiative.

The RCC producers will be hosting Town Hall style meetings around Hepburn Shire for anyone interested in being involved with the program. Funding is available from $1,500 to $30,000 for local individuals, groups or organisations to hold events or showcases during the program.

The following link will direct you to the official Regional Centre for Culture webpage:

If you have any questions, please contact your Hepburn Shire RCC representative, Nate Perry, by phone on 5321 6439.

The details for the Hepburn Shire Town Hall meetings are below:


Thursday 10 August: 2.00pm – 3.30pm
The Warehouse,
38 Fraser St, Clunes


Thursday 10 August: 5.30pm – 7.00pm
Creswick Hub,
68 Albert St, Creswick


Wednesday 16 August: 2.00pm – 3.30pm
Trentham Neighbourhood Centre
High St, Trentham


Wednesday 16 August: 5.30pm – 7.00pm
Senior Citizens Room (behind the Town Hall)
76 Vincent St, Daylesford


Waste to Energy Project Funding Announced

For over three years  Council has reviewed various waste to energy solutions aiming to transform organic waste otherwise sent to landfill into a valuable fuel resource.

We have identified a small scale, renewable energy solution which demonstrates clear economic, social and environmental benefits.

$650,000 funding under the New Energy Jobs Fund will enable Council to:

  • Process 1,500 tonnes of organic waste diverted from landfill annually
  • Create 5 ongoing jobs.
  • Reduce landfill and waste transportation costs by $280,000 annually
  • Generate renewable base load energy.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 200,000 tonnes over 20 years from avoided fossil fuel use and landfill methane emissions.
  • Demonstrate the economic and technical viability of this fast rate anaerobic digestion process
  • Highlight how smaller, scalable system design can be readily deployed to meet varying energy demands.

The system has been designed to readily scale up to process 40,000 tonnes of organic waste into the future in collaboration with neighbouring Councils.

The longer term innovative vision is to use the existing gas network to distribute ‘green gas’ from the Hepburn Waste to Energy plant to micro power generation sites in community facilities across the region.

This solution has the potential to be a catalyst for the growth of sustainable energy jobs in Victoria.

This project has the potential to encourage other Councils and organisations to understand the benefits of adopting this scalable waste to energy solution.

Watch this video to see how it will work…

(L-R: Cr John Cottrell, Mary-Anne Thomas MP, The Hon. Lily D’Ambrosio, Mayor Cr Sebastian Klein & Cr Don Henderson)


Notice of Annual General Meetings & Call for Nominations for Special Committees

The Annual General Meetings for Council’s Section 86 Committees are as follows:

  • Creswick Museum Special Committee of Council – 4:30pm – Monday 7 August – The Creswick HUB.
  • Glenlyon Recreation Reserve Special Committee of Council – 7:30pm – Wednesday 2 August- The Pavilion.
  • Lyonville Hall Special Committee of Council – 7:00pm – Tuesday 17 October – Lyonville Hall.
  • Lee Medlyn Home of Bottles Special Committee of Council – following the general meeting commencing at 10:30am – Wednesday 9 August – Lee Medlyn Home of Bottles
  • Dean Recreation Reserve & Tennis Courts Special Committee of Council at 7:00pm – Wednesday 26 July – Dean Recreation Reserve.

Council is also seeking applications from individuals, including current members and other interested people, to be appointed to the following Special Committees:

  • Creswick Museum- must be willing to serve on the roster a minimum of once per month, as well as assist within the museum and research centre
  • Lyonville Hall
  • Dean Recreation Reserve and Tennis Courts
  • Glenlyon Recreation Reserve
  • Lee Medlyn Home of Bottles
  • Drummond Hall

New members will be appointed for either two or three years – to enable continuity of some members when the next renewal occurs.

Application forms are available from Council offices or by clicking here. Completed applications detailing your interest in the committee and experience, including your resume, should be forwarded to Katherine Toom, Hepburn Shire Council, PO Box 21 Daylesford VIC 3160 or by 5pm Friday 28 July 2017.

Email My Rates Notice

Did you know? You can receive your first instalment rates notice for the 2017/18 financial year and all future notices by email if you register by 30 July 2017.  You can also register at any time for future instalments. It’s easy.

Using information in your Rates notice(s), simply complete the following steps to sign up:

  1. Your Details – Enter owner details and email address
  2. Properties – Enter each of your properties
  3. Submit

We will review your application and notify you by email when the registration is complete.


Have you got a great idea for a Community Project?

Council’s Community Grants Program is now open.

Community groups are encouraged to apply for funding for events, programs, projects and equipment.  This funding program links to the Hepburn Shire Council Plan.  Successful applicants will be able to demonstrate how their project links to the program objectives in one of the three Community Grant Program categories.  Grants can be sought for amounts up to $2,000.  These amounts are intended to fund a portion of the total project costs, with the remainder to be provided through other sources.

Recommendations to Council will be made on a monthly basis.

Council Officers will work closely with organisations to advise and assist to develop their project ideas and complete the application process.

Click here to apply

Please contact Tamara Patterson to discuss your ideas.


Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve – Community Conversations

The Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve (HMSR) Improvement Project aims to improve the visitor experience at the reserve, which remains one of the most popular resident and visitor destinations in the Hepburn Shire.   The HMSR is of state significance due to the rich history surrounding the area and the unique nature of the natural mineral springs located in the reserve.

To keep you informed of the project we are holding monthly community conversations.  Come along to hear more about the project at the upcoming sessions:

  • Friday 16 June 1.00pm – 2.00pm
  • Thursday 20 July 11.00am – 12.00pm
  • Monday 21 August 2.00pm – 3.00pm

The Project:

The HMSR improvement project will improve conservation, connections and paths, sustainable management, maintenance, interpretation and wayfinding signage, entry presentation, planting and traffic management.  The specific projects are as follows.

  1. Installation of a new gateway sign, destination and wayfinding signage and improvements to the existing interpretative signage.
  2. Improvements to the HMSR gateway landscaping.
  3. Upgrades to the picnic carpark including replacement of the decaying timber kerbing with concrete kerbs and wheel stops.
  4. Upgrades to the picnic carpark landscaping including removal of dangerous trees, significant tree (26 No) and groundcover planting (over 6000 No) and upgrades to the picnic areas including fencing of the steep embankment.
  5. Construction of a paths connecting the HMSR to the Hepburn Springs township including from the new pedestrian bridge to Mineral Springs Crescent and along Mineral Springs Crescent from the HMSR entry to the existing path across the creek.
  6. Construction of a footpath along Mineral Springs Crescent to Main Road and the remainder of the town’s footpath network.
  7. Construction and upgrade of the pedestrian path from the Bathhouse to the rear of the Pavilion Cafe.
  8. Construction of an accessible concrete path to Locarno Springs including removal of perpendicular carparking and continuation of the concrete footpath from the Bathhouse and including upgrading of the planting around the Locarno Springs.
  9. Construction of an accessible concrete path to the Mineral Springs including planting to reduce requirements of mowing steep slopes.
  10. Upgrades to the planting around the Mineral Springs including the entire north bank and a 5m width along the south bank of indigenous grasses and new plantings (of native and exotic species) to the Soda Springs gardens.
  11. A series of minor projects including the following.
    1. Replacement of the vehicle access gate with a removable bollard to make pedestrian access easier.
    2. Relocation of the bins around the picnic area where they are more in demand.
    3. Refurbishment including painting of the heritage lights.
    4. Relocation of the interpretative signs so they are accessible and readable.

Plastic Bag Free Daylesford

On Friday 31st March, Daylesford launched the Plastic Bag Free campaign.

What this means is the Plastic Bag Free Daylesford community led group will:

  • commence a program to educate our community about the damage plastic bags are causing and why we need to stop using them
  • introduce Boomerang Bag boxes that will be set up at both Coles and Tonnas to help us all transition to remembering our reusable bags when we go shopping instead of reaching for plastic bags
  • Boomerang Bag boxes will contain reusable bags that can be borrowed if shoppers forget to bring their own bags, returning them next time they go shopping.

Council is a proud supporter of this initiative.

For more information visit

Online Service Request

If you have a customer service request, please submit it by registering in the request system using the link below, or phone one of our customer service centres on 03 5348 2306 and you will be issued a reference number to enable you to track progress on your request.

For after hours emergencies please use the following numbers:
Animal Control – 0419 587 955 (eg. dog attacks and stock on Council roads)
Other Council Emergency – 0419 583 573