Composting & Worm Farm Initiative

Reducing Organic Waste to Landfill

On average, each Australian family’s food and garden waste generates almost one tonne of greenhouse gases each year.  Approximately 36% of household waste in Hepburn Shire is organic waste such as food and garden waste.

Organic waste entering landfill generates methane gas, which is 23 times more potent as a greenhouse gas.  Sending waste to landfill is very costly to all ratepayers.

Recycling methods such as composting or worm farming can dramatically reduce your carbon foot print, enrich your gardens soil and help the environment.

Council Initiative

Council is encouraging Hepburn Shire residents to recycle organic waste by offering 500 heavily subsidised compost bin and worm farms kits. Council will work with the local Neighbourhood Centre network to provide free composting/worm farm workshops.

220 Litre Compost bin kit

Hepburn Shire householder price $20 (60 % off normal price)  – Includes

  • Tumbleweed 220 litre compost bin,
  • aerator tool
  • Compost conditioner.

Worm Farm kit

Hepburn Shire householder price $40 (60 % off normal price)  – Includes

  • Tumbleweed three tier worm farm
  • 1000 composting worms
  • Worm blanket

Note:Worms will be mailed directly through the post to ensure they are alive and fresh.

The compost bin and worm farm kits are available through Council’s three transfer stations (tips) located at Ring Rd – Creswick, Ajax Rd – Daylesford and Cosmo Rd – Trentham and through the Clunes Neighbourhood Centre – 70 Bailey Street.

Payment is to be cash only and paid directly to these outlets.

Upon proof of residency (rates notice or drivers license), each household can purchase one compost bin kit and/or worm farm kit.  You will be asked for your contact details to enable Council to provide residents with tips on how to recycle organic material effectively and to conduct surveys to determine the effectiveness of the program.

Get down to the transfer stations before stocks run out.




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