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Council Meeting Outcomes – 20 April 2021

On 20 April 2021 at Ordinary Meeting, Council resolved to:

  • Refused to grant the planning permit for PLA 2969 – demolition of existing buildings, use and development of land for accommodation and a function centre and waiver of on-site parking at 9 Albert Street, Trentham
  • Adopted the Asset Management Policy
  • Adopted the Road Upgrade Policy to support the evaluation of future road upgrade priorities
  • Approved for the DRAFT Road Management Plan to be release for public exhibition for 28 days and invite submissions on the plan by members of the public
  • Received and notes the April 2021 project update report regarding the Hepburn Hub at the Rex Project;
  • Received and noted the meeting minutes of Council’s Community Asset Committees as detailed in the agenda
  • Adopted Affordable Housing Policy, this is the first step in order to address the limited social and affordable housing within our Shire and refresh additional scope of works as a consideration as part of Council’s Strategic Planning Program 20221/2022
  • Awarded 7 Community Grants  local organisations from Creswick, Trentham and Daylesford as detailed in the agenda
  • Received and noted the report that responded to the Petition that was tabled at March 2021 Ordinary Council meeting relating to the installation of art at Glenlyon  Dam and approved for officer to proceed with the installation of the public art the ‘Drop’ at the Dam.
  • Minutes of Council’s Advisory Committee were received and noted
  • Endorsed the Annual Draft budget for 2020/2021 and invited public submissions to commence, and approved for a special council meeting to be held on 8 June 2021 to hear those who wish to make verbal submissions.  The full report that was embargoed will be available in the meeting minutes.
  • Approved the DRAFT Revenue and Rating Plan 2021-2025 and approved for  the public exhibition process to commence for a period of for 28 days
  • Adopted Councillor Gift, Benefits and Hospitality Policy as required under section 138 of the Local Government Act 2020
  • Adopted the revised instruments of Delegation as detailed in the full report with an amendment made to the Chief Executive Officer’s delegation.
  • Awarded an additional 1 year extension for the ‘Annual Supply of Bulk Diesel’.
  • Received and noted the records of Councillor attendance.

Council moved into a confidential council meeting and considered contractual matters. The following resolutions can be release to the public now:

  • Awarded contract of Banking and Bill Payment services to – Commonwealth Bank of Australia – HEPBU.RFT2020.20.

A full record of the meeting minutes will be available in due course.