Annual Plan, Council Plan & Budget

Annual Plan

​The Annual Plan details to the organisation, Councillors and the community how Council will monitor progress towards actions in the Council Plan, and the quarterly progress report updates Councillors and the Community on the progress on the actions.

The reports below list of the projects included in the Annual Plan 2020/2021 and a progress comment has been provided for each project by a responsible officer, for the period ended 30 September 2020.

The Annual Plan does not include all projects to be undertaken during the year, and as it was adopted in August 2020 does not include a number of new actions and opportunities have been undertaken by Council, which were not included in the Plan.

48 projects were included in the 2020/2021 Annual Plan.

  • 16 have been carried forward from 2019/20 financial year
  • 6 are scheduled to commence in 2021
  • 30 are in progress
  • 2 items have been completed

These projects are in various stage of completion with some expected to be completed within weeks of the new financial year, while others will be longer term development.

Some projects have been delayed as a result of announcements of government funding, delays in project delivery or in recent months as a result of the impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic. It should be noted that funding (if required) for these projects will be carry-forward and these projects will be delivered by Officers in this financial year.

Annual Plan 2020/2021 – Q2 Projects Update

Annual Plan – 2020/2021 – Q1 – October 2020 

Annual Plan 2020/2021- Final Adopted

Annual Plan 2019-2020 – Final Adopted

Annual Plan 2019/20 March Quarter Update

Annual Plan 2019/20 – Quarter 2 Progress Update


Finance Report

The Quarterly Capital and Operating Projects update provides the summary of the financial performance and current activities being under taken in relation to each of Councils adopted and funded projects.

Capital Projects – October 2020

Operating Projects – October 2020


Council Plan

The Council Plan 2017-2021 was developed following the election of the Council in October 2016. It sets out our goals and objectives for the four years of the current Council term and describes how we will review and evaluate our performance.

The Council Plan was developed following an extensive engagement process, including a series of Community Workshops, an Online OurSay forum, a Community Conference, Departmental Business Planning, Staff Development Workshops and Councillor Development Workshops.

Council identified five strategic objectives to create a strong alignment with the needs of the community.

  1. Active and Engaged Communities
  2. Quality Community Infrastructure
  3. Sustainable Environment
  4. Vibrant Economy
  5. High Performing Organisation

We are working towards delivering on projects contained in the Council Plan 2017-2021.


The Hepburn Shire Council Adopted Budget  2020-21 describes the revenue, expenditure and resources required to deliver the full range of our services, facilities and projects to the community.

The Budget links to the achievement of the Council Plan objectives within an overall planning framework. The framework guides the Council in identifying community needs and aspirations over the long term (10 Year Financial Plan), medium term (Council Plan) and short term (Annual Budget)

Previous Budgets

Budget 2019/20

Budget 2018/19

Budget 2017/18

Budget 2016/17

Budget 2015/16

Budget 2014/15

Budget 2013/14

Budget 2012/13

Budget 2011/12

Budget 2010/11


10 Year Financial Plan 2014-2024 and the Strategic Resource Plan 2016-2020

The four year Strategic Resource Plan 2016-2020 and 10 Year Financial Plan outline the financial and non-financial resources which are required to achieve the goals and objectives in our Council Plan.

The 10 Year Financial Plan 2014-2024 has been developed as a means to ensuring Council’s future financial sustainability. The plan helps to guide our financial decision making relating to long-term borrowing levels, use of financial reserves, rating strategy, capital investments and the provision of services.

The plan is reviewed annually as part of our annual Budget preparation.

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