From 8 March through to 21 April, Council will be engaging the community in a conversation on the Creswick Trails Network Stage One, including the final Stage One trails map, a suite of reports detailing how the cultural, historical and ecological heritage of the area has been considered and documentation showing how feedback from previous rounds of community engagement has been used to progress the trails design.

These documents also form the basis of the planning permit application to construct Stage One Trails that will be lodged in this month (March 2021).

Once constructed, the Creswick Trails Network will offer a continuous network of mountain bike trails set in a variety of landscapes. Once complete, the Creswick Trails Network will offer a high-quality mountain bike network suitable for adaptive riding, families and a variety of local riding experiences.

As part of our community engagement on the draft or Concept Trail Alignments in early 2020, we heard that some in the community had concerns about the potential impacts of the trails on the natural environment, particularly in the Regional Park. Others said they wanted the trails network built as soon as possible. This feedback, in addition to detailed assessments, have led to changes being made to the project.

In preparation for submitting a planning permit, the trails in the Creswick Trails Network have been assessed by ecologists, cultural historians, heritage advisors and traditional owners to determine a route with the highest quality experience and the lowest impact.

There have been some changes to the Creswick Trails Network that have been incorporated as a direct result of community feedback and site-based assessments. These changes include:

  • Due to the sensitivity and complexity of the lands in the project area, the Creswick Trails Network will be constructed in two stages with Stage One being a network of 60 kilometres of diverse and exciting trails north of Melbourne Road.
  • Only Stage One will progress to planning permit application at this time. This will allow Council to progress part of the network more quickly while more work is done on the Stage Two trails.
  • Trails have been removed from the area around Cosgraves Reservoir due to the ecological significance of the land as a vegetation offset area and the consideration of the areas use in potable water supply.
  • Trails that pass closest to the Humbug Hill heritage area have been placed in Stage Two and will be the subject of future assessment and engagement.

Please visit to view the maps and documents and learn how you can get involved.

If you have any questions on either the Creswick Trails Network or Hammon Park, please contact the Project Manager, Alison on or click here to be added to the mailing list for updates.

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