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Disability Advisory Committee (DAC)

The Disability Advisory Committee (DAC) works closely with Council to address barriers to access and inclusion issues in the community and monitor the progress and implementation of the Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2018 – 2022 (DAIP).

Click here for a copy of the DAIP

Purpose of the DAC

The DAC will collaborate with Council to ensure that there is a proactive, two-way conversation and advice about how to effectively implement the actions in the DAIP and address other access issues as they arise.

The DAC will also act as Council’s disability representatives in the community to seek broader views on access issues and develop proactive solutions to effectively address access issues as they arise.

(Left to right: Darren, Graeme, John, Andrew, Chloe (HSC), Deb (HSC), David, Cr John Cottrell & Steven. (Missing is Kaylene)

Objectives of the DAC

To provide advice to Council on:

  • implementation advice for progress of the DAIP (add link)
  • drafting future policies, plans or services that may impact people with a disability
  • helping to promote positive images of people with a disability
  • suggesting ways to advocate for better access and disability rights in the general and business community
  • ways to improve employment opportunities in the Shire for people with a disability
  • liaising with key staff creating solution focussed responses to unusual or challenging issues
  • raising awareness and improve the employment opportunities of people with a disability in the Shire
  • issues that affect people with a disability within the Shire
  • issues and concerns are dealt with in a proactive manner and recommended ways forward



  • Up to 10 community representatives with lived experience of disability. Representation must include a wide range of disabilities including, sensory, mental health, neurological, physical and intellectual impairmen Other non-disabled representatives are welcome to apply could include disability advocates, specialist AS1428 architects, parents or carers etc
  • In the first year of operation, one half of members will be appointed for a one year term and the balance of members will be appointed for a two year term. In each ensuing year, half of the members will step down from their positions and new expressions of interest sought from the community for membership for a two year period
  • After completing the relevant term and stepping down, members may renominate for another two year term at the discretion of the facilitator and Chair
  • Casual vacancies (e.g. due to a member taking an unexpected leave of absence or illness) can be filled by another recommended person with the approval of the Council.


List of current members:

In alphabetical order:

Andrew Brown, lives in Clunes

Andrew Brown is a person with a vision impairment who manages his own IT company and specialises in creating adaptive equipment, apps and other supports for people with vision issues. He is an active member of the Blind Citizen’s Association. Click here for bio

Barbara Simpson lives in Daylesford

Barbara uses a manual wheelchair most of the time and an electric wheelchair for longer journeys.  She was a member of a previous advisory committee facilitated within Hepburn Health Services which has now disbanded. She is the former coordinator of the Spinal Cord Support Group. Click here for image

Darren Manning lives in Coomoora

Darren was a keen motorbike rider and after a motorbike accident became a quadriplegic (all four limbs effected). He was and still remains an active volunteer with the CFA albeit in a less physical role these days. He has full time carers which help him to be as independent as possible, has a very positive attitude and wants to help other people with a disability.

David Moten lives in Creswick

David is profoundly deaf but still managed to hold down a career in the grocery/retail sector. He is now retired and has since had two cochlear implants and hears very well. He will be a great advocate for people with a hearing impairment.

Graham Downey lives in Dry Diggings.  Graeme used to manage a TV and film production company and has previously belonged to the Hepburn Health Service entertainment committee. He had a stroke some years ago and is now an active member of the Stroke Support Group and the local Men’s Shed. He also supports and mentors a young person with autism.

John Condon lives in Clunes

John had a stroke some time ago and is a very strong advocate for people who use mobility scooters. John has successfully advocated to public transport services in the Clunes vicinity that have made profound changes to make travel more accessible. He is an active member of the Clunes Men’s Shed and Lions Club.

Kaylene Howell lives in Daylesford

Kaylene works for Grampians Disability Advocacy as the representative in the Hepburn Shire. She was a member of a previous advisory committee facilitated within Hepburn Health Services which has now disbanded. She is a proactive and staunch advocate for people with any kind of impairment. Click here for bio

Steve Kelly lives in Trentham

Steve has a neurological, degenerative disease that has meant he has to use a wheelchair. He manages his own building design company and has extensive knowledge and experience with the AS1428 Standards for access and mobility. He is a former member of the Quarry Street Reserve Committee.  Click here for bio

Useful Links

‘People aren’t disabled, their city is’: inside Europe’s most accessible city

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  • The meetings to be held on the first Monday of the month between 12 and 3 Dates for the 2019 meetings are 8th April, 3rd June, 5th August, 7th October and 2nd December
  • The meetings are held every two months in an accessible community venue and the venue rotates across the Shire – Clunes, Creswick, Daylesford and Trentha- visitors are welcome. Please contact or 0428 025 220 for more information
  • Councillor John Cottrell is the Chair of the meetings
  • All decisions of the Committee are agreed on by consensus
  • A guest speaker or expert is invited to each meeting

Terms of Reference


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