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Disposal of Household Chemicals

Hepburn Shire Council’s Transfer Stations do not accept household chemicals for disposal. Household chemicals and toxins should never be dumped or thrown away in the rubbish. All household chemicals that are no longer required, need to be disposed of in the correct manner.

Detox Your Home is a safe, free and easy-to-use service to dispose of highly toxic, unwanted household chemicals. This includes solvents, poisons and cleaning products. The City Of Ballarat Transfer Station is a close by permanent drop-off site for the Detox Your Home program.

Find out which items are accepted at Detox your Home sites.

Ballarat Transfer Station currently does not accept:

  • pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and nail polish remover.
  • chemicals used by businesses for industrial and commercial purposes. *Contact commercial waste providers for more information.

Location: Ballarat Transfer Station – Gillies Street South Ballarat (opposite Victoria Park)

Contact: For further information please contact: P: 5334 2621

Detox Your Home – Pop Up Events

Pop events occur across the state. For a list of upcoming events where you can dispose of household chemicals visit Detox Your Home.

Items that can be dropped off at events include:

  • cleaning products
  • cooking oil
  • cosmetics
  • fuels and other flammables
  • weed killers.

A full list of chemicals that are accepted.

Events planned in the Hepburn Shire region will be promoted on this page. Covid-19 restrictions has impacted events in 2020. Next event is due in 2022.