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Council is reviewing its Domestic Wastewater Management Plan (DWMP). The DWMP sets out how Council proposes to manage potential risks to public and environmental health from the use of septic tank systems.

Owners and occupiers of a properties with a septic tank system will be impacted by the DWMP as it will include recent changes to the laws governing septic tank management and responsibilities and obligations as owners/operators of a septic tank system.

The DWMP will also have implications for businesses and professionals involved in septic tanks, including plumbers, service agents, LCA assessors and real estate agents.

We are calling for feedback from the community, even if you are not directly affected by the DAMP.  There are many members of the public that have an interest in public and environmental health and the potential risks from poorly maintained septic tank systems.

Compete a short survey to help guide our policy review via

The survey will be open until Friday 17 September 2021.