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Emergency Management

Local Government has an ongoing responsibility under Victorian State Government Legislation to co-ordinate planning for the preparation and response to emergencies.  The same legislation also sets out the  local government responsibility for co-ordination and provision of recovery efforts after  emergencies that occur in a municipality ….

The Hepburn Shire Council undertakes its emergency management responsibilities by working  with and through community groups and emergency service agencies to:

  • Create Community Resilience by implementing programs and initiatives,
  • Educate visitors and residents on emergency management issues and procedures, and
  • Develop and disseminate plans that assist in prevention and response for emergencies.


Storm Relief & Recovery

Storm impacting in and around Creswick and Clunes – 5 January 2022.

The thunderstorm event in January 2022 caused widespread damage to property in and around Creswick and Clunes. Council is working with other agencies on the recovery effort. Support is available for people affected by the storm. Read the latest update including how to access support services and the Recovery Centre in Creswick.

Storm impacting Trentham and surrounds – June 2021.

The severe storm event in June 2021 caused widespread damage in the Shire, particularly in parts of the Colban, Holcombe and Birch Wards.  Council is supporting the community in lots of different ways – click here for more information.


Community Resilience

As part of our efforts to create community emergency resilience and education we regularly update our Facebook Page with Emergency Management messages.   The page provides residents and visitors with information to assist with planning and preparing for emergencies. The page will also be a key source of information if we find ourselves in an emergency such as a fire, flood or heatwave.  Click on the icon (below) to visit and like the page.





True Emergency Community Resilience is created by empowering and educating communities to be better prepared for emergencies rather than providing services and actions when they are required.  The Hepburn Shire Council works with communities to develop and implement community initiatives that can assist in creating this resilience.  A recent resilience program is the development and commencement of the Daylesford Corridor Community Based Bushfire Management Project.

The links below contain information that will assist residents and visitors to understand current emergency management initiatives and to prepare for and act in emergencies:

Fire Prevention

Fire Restrictions

Preparing for Emergencies

Responding to Emergencies

Relief Centers

Places of Last Resort


Storms & Floods


Local Contractors

We have a list of local contractors who can undertake summer season preparation at your property: listofslashingcontractors


For our planning responsibilities, the Hepburn Shire Council co-ordinates the development of the Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP), the major plan for preparing for and responding to emergencies in the Hepburn Shire.  This plan is developed and overseen by the Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee (MEMPC) which is made up of various emergency response and support agencies who meet on a regular basis to ensure that the plan is up to date and being achieved.

Public Version Municipal Emergency Management Plan 

*** For enquiries regarding the content of this Emergency Management Page and other general enquiries on Emergency Management, please contact the Council’s Emergency Management Coordinator on 53482306.