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Event Webinars

With the current restrictions still affecting the events sector and following the success of our first event webinar series, we are pleased to offer a further series of workshops via Zoom. Each webinar will run for 2 hours and will assist event operators with their current event practices. The topics include:

Session 1: Risk Management including contingency planning (3 August 2020)

Learning outcomes:

  • defining risks
  • simple steps to effective risk management
  • establishing effective contingency plans to ensure event success
  • developing a comprehensive Risk Management Plan
  • the impact of COVID-19 on event risk management – crisis management

Session 2: Event Governance (24 August 2020)

Learning outcomes:

  • a clear understanding of governance basics for non-profits and incorporated associations
  • Board versus Committee
  • setting up an effective team structure

Session 3: Strategic Event Marketing (31 August 2020) Please note: altered time for this workshop now 9.15am to 11.15am

Learning outcomes:

  • profiling your ideal event attendee
  • clearly articulating your marketing objectives & KPI’s
  • how to get cut through in a very crowded marketplace
  • a suggested coordinated and phased approach to event marketing
  • bouncing back from COVID-19

Session 4: Post Event Review (7 September 2020)

Learning outcomes:

  • gain an appreciation for the importance of the post event review process, and why it should not be overlooked
  • understand your why!
  • learn about data collection techniques and how to use this data to support event development and growth
  • how to create reports to ensure success

Each workshop will run from 10am-12pm, they are free of charge and only available to event organisers, committees or venue operators who deliver events in the Hepburn Shire.

The training will be delivered again by Linda Tillman the founder of the online event management training program for regional events rEVENTS Academy™ and Managing Director of regional tourism and event consultancy Tilma Group. Linda has 15 years of extensive and holistic experience across tourism and events with a clear understanding of regional communities.

To book in for the webinar series or for any enquiries, please email Bridgette O’Brien at

For those who missed the first series, you can download the recordings listed below:

Session 1: Event re-invigoration and strategic planning
Session 2: Creating an event experience
Session 3: Establishing a quality event team
Session 4: Event Finances – sponsorship and grants