Hepburn Shire Council supports young people by creating opportunities where young people can take on leadership roles in their community and through policy and strategies for youth inclusion and participation.

Youth Policy and Strategy

In 2015, Council engaged in a meaningful way with the young people of the Shire. Using innovative engagement methods, widespread communications took place to find out all about Hepburn youth and their needs and wants. Engagement took place through pop-up events around the Shire, local discussions and online forums. The ‘Hepburn Youth Ideas Competition’ was created to address these aims by providing young people in Hepburn Shire with an opportunity to receive $1,000 to put towards their idea for young people into action. This competition received 300 submissions, 1,659 votes and 177 comments from across the Shire through the online medium and pop-up events.

Many community stakeholders were also involved and their input is valued along with the many comments received from youth.

Click here for a copy of the report

Hepburn FReeZA

Hepburn FReeZA runs over summer- with various events designed and delivered by young people each year.

To find out more about FReeZA in Victoria please visit this website.


Resources for Young People

For relevant youth resources, contacts and websites please follow the link below. This link takes you to the Youth Affairs Council of Victoria Inc webpage and has information relating to a wide variety of youth, community and government organisations.