Fire Restrictions

Fire restrictions vary throughout the year depending on whether or not it is a Declared Fire Danger Period or a Total Fire Ban day. Each year the CFA declares a Fire Danger Period (FDP) for the Hepburn Shire based on local environmental conditions. Please be advised the “Fire Danger Period” for the Hepburn Shire has been declared and commences on the 14 December 2020. This means that restrictions are in place for the lighting of fires in open areas.


To find out what you can or can’t do during the declared FDP visit


Permits to Burn

Permits to burn will not be issued from the commencement date of the Fire Danger Period to the end of February.

From the start of March to the end of the Fire Danger Period, permits may be issued which are associated with primary production and in accordance with Regulation 109(1)(b) of the Country Fire Regulations 2014 only.

Issued permits are not valid on days of total fire ban and any lit burn offs are to be extinguished.

Applications for a Permit must be submitted 5 days before the burn is planned to allow enough time for the application to be considered. Applications submitted inside of this period will not be considered.

Submitting an application for a permit does not mean it will be approved. The MFPO will need to consider the application and issue a permit prior to the burn. Lighting a fire in the open air without a permit is an offence. You must also have the issued permit on site until the fire is completely extinguished.

Click here for an application for a permit to burn

If you have any queries regarding the application form, please contact our Municipal Fire Prevention Officer on 5348 2306.

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