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Footpaths & Drains


Council currently manages and maintains 35km of footpaths in accordance with its footpath maintenance, renewal and expansion program. Council continues to invest in implementing pedestrian infrastructure improvements and upgrading footpaths and linkages to community spaces as identified in Council’s Walking and Cycling Strategy.

Click here for a full list of priority projects – the Walking Cycling Priority Projects Report


Council is responsible for an extensive network of above and underground drains throughout the Shire. These drains are designed to manage stormwater run-off and minimise damage to property and infrastructure.   Property owners are responsible for the cleaning and of maintenance of their driveway including driveway culvert.

It is very important that all property owners and businesses help to prevent pollution entering our waterways by ensuring that all street gutters are clear of leaves and grass cuttings, avoid pouring chemicals and other liquids down drains and making sure all rubbish is securely binned.


Maintenance of street lighting is the responsibility of power authorities and all faults should be reported to the Powercor Australia on 132 114.

Click here to visit the Powercorp website

Council is responsible for the authorisation and payment of electricity to all the street lights within the Shire and all new requests for the installation of new lights will be considered by Council on a priority basis.  All written applications are to be sent to PO Box 21 Daylesford with details of where the new light/s are required.

Please click on the link below for Council’s guidelines to street lights on local roads.

Guidelines for the Provision of Streetlights on Local Roads

Council is responsible for all lighting in public parks and gardens and the reporting of any damage or faults is to be made through Council’s Customer Service Offices on 5348 1577.