Fees & Charges

How much do Council Services cost?  See our current 2016/17 Fees and Charges.*

* New planning fees effective 13 October 2016 (These changes have been made by the State Government and Council must comply with them)

Council offers a wide range of services to our communities. Discretionary services are those that residents can choose to use, such as recreation services, aged care, applications for planning and building approvals and human services. In most cases Council provides these on a fee-for-service, or user-pays basis, rather than funding them entirely out of rates and other general revenues.

Some of these fees and charges, such as statutory planning fees, are set by state government statute and are commonly known as ‘statutory or regulatory fees’. In these cases Council has no control over service pricing.  Non-regulatory fees and charges, however, are set by Council annually.

Some community facility hire fees can be waived if eligibility criteria are met.  See Council’s Community Facility Hire Fee Waiver Policy for details (editable forms available below).



Animal Registration Form


Building Forms – Apply For A Building Permit – Outbuildings Checklist

Building Forms – Apply For A Building Permit – Building Permit Application Form

Building Forms – Apply For A Building Permit – Building Permit Application Checklist – Dwellings Alterations And Additions

Building Forms – Apply For A Building Permit – Apply For Occupancy Permit

Building Forms – Apply For Building Regulation Certificate

Building Forms – Apply For An Extension Of Time

Building Forms- Apply For A Building Permit – Re-located Dwellings Checklist

Building Forms – Request Under Section 29A For Report And Consent On Proposed Demolition – Form A

Building Forms – Request For Building Particulars Archival Search Form

Building Forms – Siting Concession Dispensation Application Form


Change of Address Details Form

Complaints Form


Direct Debit Application Form

Disabled Persons Parking Permit 2016


Entertain or Busk Application

Environmental Health Information Request

Environmental Health Office Fees 2016/17


Fencing – Statement To Support Adjoining Landowner Information For The Purpose Of Fencing

Food – Health New Premises – Pre Purchase Inspection Application

Food – Health Premises Closure Notification 

Food Premises Notification of Class 4 

Food Premises Transfer Application

Food Premises Register Application

Freedom of Information Request


Gateway Frame Guidelines-Application Form – January-2017


Hall Hire Application & Agreement – Daylesford & Creswick Hall

Hall Hire Application & Agreement – Trentham Mechanics Institute

Hall Hire Fee Waiver – Use when hiring venue

Hall Hire Fee Waiver Reimbursement – for Hall Committees 

Health Premises Registration Application

Health Premises Transfer Application


Immunisation Date Schedule – 2016

Infringement Internal Review Form




Land Information Certificate

Legal Point of Discharge Application

Local Laws Permit Application


Marriage Ceremony at a Council Reserve – Application Form

Marriage Ceremonies at a Council Reserve – FAQ

Marriage Ceremonies at Council Reserves – Terms & Conditions




Pensioner Concession Application Form

Planning Forms – Amendment application Form 2015

Planning Forms – Planning Application Form 2015

Planning Fees effective 13 October 2016

Planning Forms – Request for Planning Information

Planning Forms – Planning Permit Application Checklist

Planning Forms – Application for Secondary Consent to a Planning Permit

Planning Forms – Objection to a Planning Application

Planning Forms – Request Extension of Time to Planning Permit

Public Question Time Form



Rates and Charges FAQ s 2014-2015

Registration of Prescribed Accommodation Premises Application

Registration Prescribed Accommodation Premises Application for Transfer

Request for Commercial Waste Form

Request for Domestic Kerbside Garbage & Recycling – Weekly – (Use this form to apply for a collection within township areas)

Request for Domestic Kerbside Garbage & Recycling – Fortnightly – (Use this form to apply for a collection in rural areas)


Septic Tank Installation – Alterations Application

Septic Tank Permit Extension Application

Special Committees Application Form-2014


Temporary Street Stall Application

Tip Voucher Request Form




Works on Road Reserve Application Form