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Green Waste & Hard Waste

Green Waste

A specific area is provided at local transfer stations for residents to drop off green waste such as tree branches, grass and leaf litter (for a cost – see Transfer Station Fees). No noxious weeds will be accepted.

Noxious weeds are not acceptable in green waste loads. For more information on noxious weed visit Agriculture Victoria.


Available throughout the year (pending supply) at transfer stations, for self-loading. Call customer service team on 5348 2306 ahead to confirm availability.

Preparing for bush fire season

During November 2021 Council will accept green waste from residents free of charge. This service encourages residents to clean up their properties in readiness for the bushfire season.

Please note commercial quantities of green waste are not accepted at transfer stations.

Hard Waste

Hard waste, such as furniture, bicycles and mowers can be taken to transfer stations – please see Transfer Station Fees for associated costs with some items. Reusable items are recovered for resale.

In 2021 Clunes hard waste collection occurred during August/September. Plans for 2022 hard waste collections are yet to be confirmed.