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Residents directly affected by the Hepburn fire who are reliant on tank water for their drinking water supply are able to access a roof cleaning and tank refill service if required.

Councils Secondary Impact Assessment team will begin assessing properties within the vicinity of the fire from this afternoon.  Properties that do not have access to reticulated water supply will be prioritised.

During the fire a large amount of ash, or possibly fire retardant, may have come into contact with roofs or tanks.

If your water tastes, looks or smells unusual do not drink it or give it to animals.

Water must not be sourced from a creek that has been affected by bushfire as the water may also be contaminated.

Council will provide a service that involves the removal of ash, emptying of the tank and refilling with drinking water.

If you have a private drinking water supply and would like an assessment to be carried out, please contact Council’s Customer Service Team on 5348 2306 to register for this service.

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