Hepburn Planning Scheme Review – Video Content

Hello My name is Paul Buxton and I am the Director of Plan2Place Consulting. We have been engaged by Hepburn Shire Council to prepare the Hepburn Planning Scheme Review.

Due to the current circumstances which mean we can’t undertake face to face consultations, we thought we would prepare this short presentation about the review and the development of the revised planning scheme.

The Review Report for the Hepburn Planning Scheme Review was approved by Council in February this year. We are now proceeding with implementation. This involves preparing a planning scheme amendment for the Review.

In this presentation I am going to outline the purpose of the Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS) and local planning polices and explain the role of these two documents to enable you to provide input and feedback.

Lets start with the Review.

The Review consisted of three components. These were the:

  • Data and evidence review report.
  • Community consultation and stakeholder engagement report.
  • Planning scheme audit and review report.

These reports are now completed and were approved by Council in February

You can find copies of these on Council’s website under the Hepburn Planning Scheme Review page.

These reports provide the strategic basis for the preparation of the upcoming planning scheme amendment.

So what is a planning scheme?

  • A planning scheme is a legal document with strategic and statutory components based on the state’s Victoria Planning Provisions (VPPs) tailored to the Hepburn planning context.
  • The Hepburn Planning Scheme sets out the way land can be used and developed.
  • It encourages compatible and prohibits incompatible uses and developments.
  • It balances competing interests and attempts to maximise public benefits.
  • Planning schemes need to be regularly reviewed to ensure that they are contemporary and meet best practice approaches.

Why was the planning scheme reviewed?

  • All planning schemes must be regularly reviewed.
  • All schemes must now be prepared in the new Planning Policy Framework (PPF) model with state, regional and local planning policies, zones, overlays, schedules and other provisions including a new MPS.

So lets talk about the outcomes of the Hepburn Planning Scheme Review

  • Review identified many opportunities for improvements and additional strategic work needed to improve the performance of the planning scheme. Some of these we can undertake now and some are for the future.
  • First stage of implementation is via a planning scheme amendment to update the current scheme.
  • Key recommendations were the development of a new MPS and a number of new local planning policies.

So Iets talk about the  Role and form of the MPS and local policies

  • An MPS forms the foundation of the Hepburn Planning Scheme. It is the community’s strategic vision for land use and development in the Shire.
  • From this foundation, requirements and expectations can be set through local planning policies and the application of zones and overlays over land.
  • It is organised under themes and includes text and maps to demonstrate spatial planning topics and issues.
  • Local policy can be used where a local planning response is needed for Hepburn, building off state and regional policy.
  • Local policies may include objectives and must include strategies and any other guidance required for local planning decisions.
  • There is a 5000 word limit and it can only discuss what the planning system influences – i.e. land use and development.

In Summary the key points I want you to take from this presentation are:

  • A draft MPS and local planning policies have been prepared by Plan2Place Consulting. They are just a draft at this stage. They have not been endorsed by Council.
  • We are seeking community and stakeholder input into these draft documents before further consideration by Council.
  • The draft MPS and local planning policies are based on the outcomes of the Hepburn Planning Scheme Review undertaken in 2019 and adopted by Council this year.
  • The Review recommendations were informed by community consultation, a data and evidence review and an audit of the performance of the current scheme.
  • A number of new local planning policies have been developed as part of the review to implement the strategic directions of the draft MPS.
  • These documents provide further detail on how strategy and planning policies are to be interpreted for the Hepburn community and the land use and development issues faced into the future.

Your feedback is critical to ensuring we get these strategic directions and policies right.

So how can you provide Feedback

There is a survey on the Hepburn Planning Scheme Review webpage on Council’s website and an opportunity for you to provide input on the draft MPS and local policies.

There will be further opportunities to input when the planning scheme is placed on exhibition later this year.

An independent Planning Panel will hear submissions to the amendment and make recommendations to Council.

Background reports and other information are also provided on Council’s webpage.

Thanks for watching this video about the Hepburn Planning Scheme Review and the MPS and local planning policies.

If you have further questions please see the Hepburn Planning Scheme Review webpage or contact Council’s planning department.

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