Infant Immunisation

Council are in the process of reviewing their childhood immunisations services and how it is delivered in the future.    As part of that review the monthly Infant Immunisations Sessions held at Creswick and Daylesford have ceased and parents are advised that they will need to contact their local GP & Nurse to make appointments for the child’s immunisations.   Local GP’s are very supportive of this review and welcome parents to attend the medical clinics for free immunisations.

In addition to the review of the Immunisation Services, a focus will be on data cleansing activities with an aim to update any incorrect  information on the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) by :

  • Reports from AIR
  • Mail out to parents of overdue children
  • Follow Up phone calls to parents of overdue children
  • Update incorrect information on AIR.

The aim of shifting the service in the above direction is to improve our immunisation rates within the Hepburn Shire Council.

For school entry Immunisation Status Certificates please contact the Australia Immunisation Register (AIR)  Telephone 1800 653 809 or online at


Secondary School Immunisation

Council offers a free Secondary School Immunisation Program at the Daylesford Secondary College based on the National Immunisation Schedule.  The Program is run in conjunction with the Secondary School Schedule and there are three scheduled visits for the Calendar Year at the College.

Information packs containing consent card booklets are sent out to families of the Year 7 Students involved with the Immunisation Program.   Students must return the correctly completed and signed consent card to the Secondary School in order for the vaccines to be administered on the scheduled visit to the College.  For statistical purposes, all cards must be returned to the school even if the student is not receiving the vaccine.

The Department of Health has designed a new website specifically for Students / Teachers / Parents and the School Coordinators to help with the education of the immunisation program.   The website provides up to date resources that can be downloaded by all parties involved with the program.   For further information visit the Immune Hero Website.

The following schedule for Secondary Schools has been set for the coming year and beyond :

Year 7 Students
Human Papillomavirus (Gardasil)  – 3 Dose Schedule

Varicella (Chickenpox) – 1 Dose Schedule

Diphtheria / Tetanus / Pertussis (Boostrix) – 1 Dose Schedule

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