Introducing the Solar Savers Program for Pensioners

We are pleased to introduce a new program that is helping pensioner households to install solar with no upfront costs. At Hepburn Shire Council, we recognise that many households are interested in solar but are put off by the upfront costs and the complexity of finding a quality system and installer. That is why we have joined with 20 other councils from across Victoria to offer the pioneering Solar Savers program.

What is Solar Savers?

Solar Savers supports pensioners to install solar and save money on electricity bills, stay cool in summer, and lower emissions.  Solar Savers is being offered exclusively to pensioner households, because most own their own homes and use the majority of their power during the day, when solar panels are producing electricity.

How does Solar Savers work?

First, Solar Saver checks that solar is right for your household and that it will save you money. Next, it helps you to arrange a quality solar system from a trusted installer. Once your system is installed, Solar Savers stays in touch and helps you to make the most of your new solar panels.

There are no upfront costs. Instead, you pay for your solar system gradually through a low-interest loan. The cost of the repayments is less than the savings you make on electricity bills, so your solar system pays for itself from the beginning.

Who can participate?

If you:

  • Own your home
  • Have a Government Pension Card (aged or disability)
  • Are usually at home from 9am to 5pm
  • Have average to high electricity use (contact Solar Savers if you’re unsure)

Call Solar Savers on 9385 8512, or email You can also find out more about the program on the Solar Savers website at

We hope you will consider participating in this exciting program.