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Kerbside Collection Service and Tip Vouchers


Council provides a weekly kerbside garbage and fortnightly recycling collection service to the townships of Clunes, Creswick, Daylesford, Hepburn Springs and Trentham. Council also provide a fortnightly rubbish and recycle collection to some rural areas.

To find out when your collection day click on the calendar below:

Click on the images above to download a copy.

Place bins out the night before your collection day to ensure your bins are emptied:

  • Place bin close to the gutter with the handles facing your house.
  • Place your garbage and recycling bins apart, ideally 1m.
  • Ensure only permitted items are placed in your bin.
  • Please do not overfill or place anything on top of the bins.

Properties with kerbside services (all inner township properties and eligible rural properties) are required to have both a landfill and recycling service at their property. 

In the ‘inner’ township regions of Clunes, Creswick, Daylesford, Hepburn Springs and Trentham, domestic waste is collected from 120L landfill bins weekly (green or red lid). Township recycling is collected fortnightly from 240L bins (yellow lid). 

For properties in specified rural collection zones owners can elect to have a kerbside landfill and recycling collection service, a 140L bin (red lid) is used for landfill fortnightly and a 240L bin (yellow lid) is to be used for recycling fortnightly. This service operates on an alternate fortnightly service so one week is the landfill collection and the next is recycling. Properties who have joined the service, can not opt out. See below re tip voucher eligibility for rural properties.

Commercial properties can elect to have collection through Council (if in inner township zones). Landfill is collected from 240L bins (red or dark green lid) weekly and/or 240L recycling bins collected fortnightly.

Need a new service or additional service?

Use the Kerbside Collection Service – New or Additional Collection Request Form – 2021-2022 or visit a Customer Service Hub.

Landfill bins for new or additional services are paid for by the owner, while the recycling bin is provided free of charge. All bins remain with the property if sold/rented.

Damaged or stolen bin?

To request repairs for bin damage or stolen bins contact Council on (03) 5348 2306 or log a request online. Bin repair or replacement is free of charge.

Missed collection?

Please call Council on 5348 2306. Keep in mind collections can occur from 6am – 4pm on the day of collection.

Public Holiday Collections

There will be no garbage or recycling collections on Good Friday, Christmas Day or New Years Day. Please consult the the kerbside calendars (above) for any impacts for your area.

Tip Vouchers

Some households receive free tip vouchers each year. Below is how Council distributes these passes:

  • If a property is classed ‘township’ it gets weekly rubbish and fortnightly recycling kerbside collection. These properties DO NOT get tip vouchers.
  • If a property is classed ‘rural’ and is INSIDE Council’s rural collection network (and has opted into service), it gets fortnightly rubbish and fortnightly recycling kerbside collection (alternating weeks). These properties get TWO tip vouchers per year.
  • If a property is classed ‘rural’ and is OUTSIDE Council’s rural collection network, no kerbside collection service is available. These properties get 12 tip vouchers per year.

Tip vouchers are collected in person from the transfer stations or our Customer Service Hubs. Owners need to provide proof of ID or a copy of their rates while renters can collect vouchers if they have a letter from the property owner. Council will then issue the resident with all their vouchers. They are then treated like cash – so please take care of them. Each voucher allows for the disposal of up to 0.5 cubic metres of garbage free of charge at Council’s transfer stations in Daylesford, Creswick and Trentham.