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Neighbourhood Issues

Council receives a variety of complaints regarding neighbourhood matters. Most of the complaints received relate to civil disputes between neighbours, for which Council is not the appropriate regulatory authority.  This section has information about common neighbourhood complaints, as provided by the Victorian Legal Aid.

Disputes with neighbours provides information if you have a disagreement with your neighbour and helps you understand your rights and responsibilities. It includes information on personal safety intervention orders and where to get help.

Noise complaints provides legal information if you are being affected by loud noise in your neighbourhood. It includes information on residential noise restrictions, music venues and noise, and where to get help.

Fence laws provides information on the law if you want to build a new fence or repair an old one. It includes who pays for a fence and resolving fencing disputes.

Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria (DSCV)

DSCV  is a free, informal and confidential dispute resolution service funded by the Victorian Government through the Department of Justice & Community Safety.  DSCV can help resolve a range of  common neighbour disputes involving fences, trees, animals, noise, drainage, parking, placement of rubbish bins and disputes regarding challenging or anti social behaviour, including  personal safety intervention order matters, workplace disputes, and financial matters.

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