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Young People

Hepburn Shire Council provides a range of opportunities and initiatives to young people who live, work or study in the Hepburn Shire and are aged between 12-25 years.

Hepburn Shire Council’s commitment to supporting young people is based upon a Youth Participation approach, which is considered ‘best practice’ in building self-efficacy, protective factors, and individual leadership skills for young people.

These opportunities and initiatives include;

  • Music Events
  • School Holiday activities
  • Work Experience & Work Placement
  • Quick Response Grants for young people

Community Neighborhood Centre’s may also provide ongoing weekly youth programs in individual townships. For more information you can contact your local Neighborhood centre.

Hepburn Teensquad News Updates

The Teen Squad newsletter comes out each term. If you would like to receive regular newsletters regarding opportunities for young people, you can sign up to the mailing list – MailChimp

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Youth Engagement Strategy

You can access Hepburn Shire Council’s Youth Engagement Strategy (2016-2021) via the link.


Intensive Youth Support Options

If you’re a young person, parent or professional seeking extra support regarding mental health, disengagement from school, housing or any other crisis, we have a list of referral options for the Hepburn Shire (visit

For more about other youth related information contact


Youth Leadership

Providing Leadership opportunities for young people in the Hepburn Shire is a key aspect of the way we engage young people. Unlike within the School and sports environments, we believe in providing leadership opportunities for all young people regardless of their academic or sporting talents.

Giving young people the chance to make decisions in their own lives and in their community, is key to developing a cohesive community where youth are respected.

The programs we offer are for young people that are open to learning & development, not high achievement.


Youth Development Fund

Providing Young people with opportunities for learning, development and participation

Hepburn Shire Council acknowledges young people as valuable members of our community, by providing financial support for youth development.

There is two types of grants available for funding;

  1. Participation in the Young Endeavour voyage (total cost $4,000)
  2. A Scholarship which provides financial assistance (up to $4,000) for learning & development, via; State, National, or International conference, workshop or program of the applicant’s choice.

Youth Development Fund

Western Bulldogs Football Club Leadership Program

Hepburn Shire Council in partnership with the Western Bulldogs Football Club coordinate a 6 month leadership program (during the football season) for young people aged between 14-16 years of age. The program is not specific to youth that have an interest in sport but have a passion for addressing identified issues in their community.

The program takes applications at the start each year.


Young Leaders Scholarship

Council is currently developing a scholarship for young people who have identified a State, National, or Internationally recognised conference or training opportunity. Scholarships will undergo an application process. Applications for scholarship will be available for up to $4,000.

Information about this program will be available in coming months.

For information about these programs contact


Octave Youth Music Events

Octave Hepburn Shire Youth Events is a program which is funded by the State Government’s FReeZA Program. The Octave committee, who are made up of young people, meet weekly/fortnightly to organise safe all ages music events in their community.

The key aspect of the program is supporting young people to develop pathways into the music industry. Young people involved in Octave develop skills in all areas of event management, as well as opportunities to perform live. Young people may also receive formal training via conferences and music workshops.

The music events are aimed at 12-25 year olds but are suitable for all ages. All events are fully supervised, low cost, and Drug, smoke & alcohol free.

For information about joining the Octave Committee, attending music events or performing; email

And keep an eye on Octave Instagram


TAC L2P Learner Driver Mentor Program

Young people

The Hepburn TAC L2P program is funded by TAC and is a partnership between Hepburn Health Services and Hepburn Shire Council.

Young people who access the TAC L2P program don’t have limited access to a supervising driver or suitable car. As part of this program, young learners are taught to drive by community volunteer mentors and are then able to achieve the 120 hours to gain their probationary licence.

The program is completely free for eligible young people, and the program will also pay for professional driving lessons and P Plate exam.



The TAC L2P program doesn’t exist without community members who are willing to volunteer their time to teach young people to drive. We are incredibly thankful for the hard work and patience of the L2P volunteers.

Mentors will receive training as part of their induction to volunteering with in the program.

Mentoring is a fantastic way to support and role model young people, including teaching them valuable skills which they will utilise for the rest of their lives. We’re always seeking more volunteers!

For information about the program email J Cawton at Hepburn Health Services at; or 53216556