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About Council

Hepburn Shire was created in January 1995 by the amalgamation of the former Shires of Creswick, Daylesford and Glenlyon, the Clunes portion of the Shire of Talbot and Clunes and the Trentham portion of the Shire of Kyneton.

Hepburn Shire is located in the Central Highlands region of Victoria, about 110 kilometres north-west of Melbourne. It is bounded by Central Goldfields and Mount Alexander Shires in the north, Macedon Ranges Shire in the east, Moorabool Shire in the south, and the City of Ballarat and Pyrenees Shire in the west.

How Council Works

Council consists of an elected arm (councillors who are democratically elected by the community) and an operational arm (council staff).

In broad terms an elected council sets the overall direction for the municipality through long-term planning. It adopts a strategic view of the future it wishes to achieve for its community and makes plans and policies to achieve this. A council then tracks the progress of its activities through its monitoring and reporting processes.

The operational or administrative arm is responsible for implementing council decisions. Council officers also provide advice and expertise that help a council to form policy decisions, and they deliver services, and implement and manage systems. For all these functions, they are accountable to the council through the chief executive officer.

This diagram shows how Councils work with their communities:

More information about how Councils work in Victoria is available at

Governing Policies

Governing Policy is the direction from Council as to its intentions in terms of governance and is set by and authorised by Council. Policy at this level is directional in nature and provides the Chief Executive Officer with a framework allowing management to make decisions within policy guidelines.  Council has adopted a number of Governing Policies available at