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Becoming a Councillor

Are you thinking about becoming a Councillor?

Are you interested in getting involved and influencing what happens in your local community?

Councillors play a very important community leadership role and influence the decisions that council makes about what happens in our community.

Councillors influence change by being part of the decision-making process.  Councillors, in partnership with Council staff, are part of a team that shapes the strategic direction of the Shire and determines the policies for the services delivered to the community

Councillors are an important part of:

  • determining local government policies
  • developing and monitoring strategic plans and budgets
  • making sure the Councils resources are used fairly for the benefit of all community members; and
  • overseeing the allocation of the local government’s finances and resources.

You could be a Hepburn Shire Councillor if you are:

  • Interested in improving your community;
  • 18 years or over on election day; and
  • A resident or ratepayer.

Under the Local Government Act, you may be disqualified or ineligible to stand for Council if you do not meet certain criteria.

For more information on becoming a Councillor visit the Municipal Association of Victoria, the legislated peak body for Victoria’s 79 councils.