All domestic animals (dogs and cats) must be registered with Council once they reach three months of age. You are required to do this by law but the other advantage of pet registration is that it allows us to reunite you with your lost pet.

A life-time registration disc/tag will be provided to you and can be easily attached to your pet’s collar. If your pet loses the registration tag, a replacement tag can be obtained at a minimal cost.

Registration of dogs and cats can be made at any time by completing an application form available at any of Council’s offices, or by downloading a copy from the link below.

If your pet is already registered, a renewal form will be posted out to you before your next registration payment falls due in April of each year.

Registration forms can be lodged at any of Council’s offices.

For further information you can contact the Compliance Coordinator 03 5348 2306.

Pet Registration Form

Keeping of Animals

Type of adult animal Maximum number allowed in built-up areas Maximum number allowed in non-built up areas
Dogs 2 4
Cats 2 4
Pigeons 50 No maximum limit
Poultry 10 20
Domestic Birds 50 100
Large Birds 5 10
Domestic Rabbits 6 6
Horses/Donkeys 2 No maximum limit
Cattle 2 No maximum limit
Goats 2 No maximum limit
Pigs Not permitted No maximum limit
Other agricultural animals 2 No maximum limit