Council’s Planning Department is responsible for the implementation of the Hepburn Planning Scheme under the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

The Hepburn Planning Scheme sets out Council’s objectives for the Shire with regard to land use and development. The zones and overlays within the Hepburn Planning Scheme specify when a planning permit is required for a certain uses or developments. To find your property’s zoning and overlays, visit the Land Victoria Property Reports website.

A copy of the Hepburn Planning Scheme is available online from the VictorianDepartment of Environmental, Land, Water and Planning.

To find out more about the Victorian planning system visit the Victorian Department of Environmental, Land, Water and Planning.

For Planning inquiries, please phone 5348 2306 and follow the prompts to the Planning Department, or visit the Duke Street office during business hours.  Alternatively, you can contact the Planning Department via email at Hepburn Planning Enquiries.

To make a Planning payment, please visit a Hepburn Shire Customer Service Center or call the Customer Service Team on 5348 2306.

Where possible, please ensure you have your Council property number available to you to avoid any possible delays. If your enquiry does not relate to a current application we will require the property address before we can assist you in detail.


Online Planning Permit Register

The Planning and Environment Act 1987 requires that a register be kept and available to the public at council offices during business hours. The complete register can be inspected on request at our Duke Street office between 8.30am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

The Planning Permits Register lists planning permits lodged with Hepburn Shire Council since January 2009. This includes ‘live’ applications which have been lodged and are awaiting a determination, permits that have been issued or refused by Hepburn Shire, and those that have been withdrawn by the applicant.

Please Note:  The information contained in the online Register is provided for the purpose of the planning process as set out in the Planning and Environment Act 1987. The information must not be used for any other purpose. By entering the register you acknowledge and agree that you will only use the document for the purpose specified above and that any dissemination or distribution of this information is strictly prohibited.

UPDATE:  Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure has introduced a new schedule of Planning Permit Fees effective 13 October 2016.  Please see the attached list below.

Planning Fees effective 13 October 2016 

Planning Permit Register – to 21st March 2017

 Planning Forms

Planning Application Form

Planning Amendment Application Form

Request for Planning Information

Planning Permit Application Checklist

Application for Secondary Consent to a Planning Permit

Objection to a Planning Application

Request Extension of Time to Planning Permit



Section 173 Agreements