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Planning Permits

Council’s Planning Department is responsible for the implementation of the Hepburn Planning Scheme under the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

A change to the way the land is used, and/or developed may require you to obtain planning permission. Requirements can vary considerably depending on the property and proposal.

Council’s Statutory Planning team determines planning permit and subdivision applications and provides advice on whether a permit or permits are required. To establish whether a planning permit is required or not, contact Statutory Planning or, alternatively, seek the advice of a planning consultancy.

The need for a planning permit is determined by the controls in the Hepburn Planning Scheme. You can contact Council’s Statutory Planning team who can provide you with relevant information and guide you through the planning permit application process.

Council is also responsible for amending the Planning Scheme, including rezoning, although all decisions are subject to final approval by the Minister for Planning. Council undertakes a range of strategic planning projects to guide future use and development in the shire.

The links on the left of the page include a breadth of information regarding each stage of the planning process, when a planning permit is required and how to apply for a planning.

Planning on a page also provides useful information about the planning system in a succinct document or for more expansive information you can also visit the State Governments Planning page that provides an overview of the Victorian Planning System.