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Currently Advertised

An ‘advertised’ planning application is a planning permit application submitted to us that does not yet have approval. It is on exhibition for public viewing. Comments or objections can be submitted to us for consideration.

Application NumberAddressProposalFinal day of Notification PeriodAdvertised Documents
PA 1982  200 Paradise Valley Road, Spring Hill  Use and development for the construction of a dwelling4/5/2018Advertised Plans
PA 1969  2 Falls Road, Trentham  Two lot subdivision3/5/2018Advertised Plans
PA 1903 40 Smith Street, Daylesford  29 Lot Subdivision2/5/2018Advertised Plans
PA 1965  29 William Track, Glenlyon  Use and development for construction of a dwelling27/4/2018Advertised Plans
PA 1967  48 Ridge Road, Musk Vale  Construction of a shed24/4/2018Advertisied Plans
PA 1951  4 Fourth Street, Hepburn Springs  Alterations and additions to existing dwelling, site cut more than  one metre in depth24/4/2018Advertised Plans
PA 1940  1713 Daylesford-Ballarat Road, Newlyn  Boundary realignment24/4/2018Advertised Plans
PA 1942  4 Kyneton-Trentham Road, Trentham  Two lot subdivision24/4/2018Advertised Plans
PA 1956  88 Ayreshire Drive, Shepherds Flat  Use and development of a dwelling19/4/2018Advertised Plans
PA 1930  10 Whyte Street, Clunes  Two lot subdivision19/4/2018Advertised Plans
PA 1916  Glenlyon-Little Hampton Road, Little Hampton  Use and development of a dwelling and outbuilding17/4/2018Advertised Plans
PA 1784  22 Loddon Drive, Glenlyon  Use and development for the installation of telecommunications facility comprising a 60m lattice tower, associated equipment and equipment shelter and removal of native trees17/4/2018Advertised Plans
PA 1937  3530 Midland Highway, Blampied  Construction of a second dwelling3/4/2018Advertised Plans
PA 1943  120 Mannings Road, Dry Diggings  Boundary realignment3/4/2018Advertised Plans
PA 1899  22 Beckwith Street, Clunes  Five (5) lot subdivision and construction of four (4) dwellings and associated works3/4/2018Advertised Plans
PA 1924  191 Coliban Road, Trentham  Construction of a second dwelling and a shed, change of use of existing dwelling to B & B30/3/2018Advertised Plans
PA 1932  33 Drummond Street, Creswick Removal of restrictive building envelope29/3/2018Advertised Plans
PA 1258.01  2A Viewpoint Lane, Daylesford Addition of garage to previously approved plans; Construction of a dwelling and shed and site cut greater than 1mt in depth in accordance with endorsed plans29/3/2018Advertised Plans
PA 462.01  1A Ingrow Lane, Daylesford Amend plans for  the second dwelling for planning permit PA 462.01, which allows for the development of two dwellings29/3/2018Advertised Plans
PA 1857  5 Djurkovic Road, Coomoora  Two lot subdivision27/3/2018Advertised Plans
PA 1913  109 Clunes Road, Creswick  Two lot sudivision26/3/2018Advertised Plans
PA 1935  56 Stanbridge Street, Daylesford  Construction of a dwelling and studio23/3/2018Advertised Plans
PA 1936  409 Rothes Road, Trentham  Construction of a dwelling and associated outbuilding23/3/2018Advertised Plans
PA 1927  3 Park Avenue, Daylesford  Buildings & works for the construction of a dwelling & site cut greater than 1 metre in depth21/3/2018Advertised Plans
PA 1908  52B Western Avenue, Hepburn  Buildings & wor4ks for the cosntruction of a dwelling & garage20/3/2018Advertised Plans
PA 1910  75 Leslies Road, Mt Franklin  Two lot subdivision19/3/2018Advertised Plans

Public Advertising Recently Finished

These planning applications have recently been notified and the final day of the notification period has elapsed.  A decision on these applications may have recently been made or we are in the process of reviewing the applications after considering any objections that may have been submitted.  Council will endeavor to keep this list updated regularly and when a decision has been made, the reference to the application will be removed.  However to be sure, it is recommended that you contact Council and speak to someone in the Planning Department (5348 1577) to clarify the status of any of the below applications.

Application NumberAddressProposalFinal day of Notification


Advertised Documents
PA 1872  30 Pearsons Road, Trentham  Use & development of a restaurant, liquor licence (cafe and restaurant) for up to 51 patrons, & associated accommodation for up to 6 persons14/3/2018Advertised Plans

Amended plans

PA 1880  9 Fourth Street, Hepburn Springs  Site cut greater than 1 metre in depth & more than 300m2 in area12/3/2018Advertised Plans
PA 1896  80 Central Springs Road, DaylesfordDemolish deck, alterations and additions to existing dwelling in accordance with endorsed plans13/3/2018Advertised Plans
PA 1867  9 Victoria Street, TrenthamPartial demolition, construct and carry out works to a dwelling (rear extension) and vegetation removal2/3/2018Advertised Plans
PA 1920  34 Alfred Street, CreswickUse and construction of a dwelling2/3/2018Advertised Plans


Any document provided is made available for the sole purpose of enabling its consideration and review as part of a planning process under the Planning and Environment Act 1987. These documents must not be used for any purpose which may breach any copyright.

Objection to a Planning Application

You may lodge an objection to a planning application by clinking on the link below and filling out the relevant form.

You may also withdraw an objection by clicking on the below link and completing the relevant form.

Your objection or withdrawal can be forwarded to Council using any of the following options:

In Person: To any of Councils Customer Service Hubs at the addresses found at the bottom of this page.
Post: PO Box 21, Daylesford  VIC  3460

About Objections

To ensure the Responsible Authority considers your objection, make sure that the Authority receives it by the date shown in the notice you were sent or which you saw in a newspaper or on this site. All objections received prior to a decision being made will be taken into account.  If you didn’t receive a formal notice about a proposal you can still make a submission, but any submission must be received before a decision is made.

An objection may be lodged any time after the advertising period has commenced but can only be considered if received by council before a decision is made on the application. All objections are publicly available.

Copies of your objections/submissions are public documents which may be viewed by the applicant, Councillors or other interested parties for the purpose of consideration as part of the planning process


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