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Currently Advertised

An ‘advertised’ planning application is a planning permit application submitted to us that does not yet have approval. It is on exhibition for public viewing. Comments or objections can be submitted to us for consideration.

Application Number Address Proposal Final day of Notification Period Advertised Documents
PA 2120   18 Perrins Street, Daylesford   Additions to existing dwelling 29/8/2018   Application
PA 2085   484 Blackwood Road, Newbury   Change of use to retail/wholesale plant nursery 28/8/2018   Application
PA 2110   60 Woodduck Drive, Wheatsheaf   Construction of a dwelling 27/8/2018   Application
PA 2096   2 Stanbridge Street, Daylesford   Construction of a second dwelling on a lot and associated works 24/8/2018   Application
PA 2091   116 Frith Mill Road, Trentham   Construction of a dwelling 23/8/2018   Application
PA 2062   30A Leggatt Street, Daylesford   Construction of a dwelling and vegetation removal 16/8/2018   Application
PA 2060   21 Chamberlain Road, Trentham   Two lot plan of subdivision and native vegetation removal 8/8/2018   Application
PA 2082   37 Albert Street, Creswick   Use and development of the land for a dwelling 4/8/2018   Application
PA 2068   10 Dysart Street, Glenlyon   Construction of Dwelling and Outbuilding 4/8/2018   Application
PA 1946   63 Central Springs Road & 30 Bridport Street, Daylesford   Construction of a supermarket, car parking dispensation and bicycle parking dispensation and associated works. 31/7/2018   Application
PA 2073   184 Locarno Road, Clydesdale   Construction of a dwelling 29/7/2018   Application
PA 2080   104 East Street, Daylesford   Two lot subdivision 28/7/2018   Application
PA 2067   21 Blue Mount Road, Trentham   Staged subdivision of two lots into 6 lots – stage 1 being Lot 1 and remainder 28/7/2018   Application
PA 2032 18 Rogers Street, Creswick   Three Lot Subdivision 27/7/2018   Application
PA 1998     10 Grenville Street, Daylesford   Partial demolition, alterations and additions to existing dwelling, vegetation removal and associated works. 26/7/2018   Application
PA 2052   Pruntys Road, Newlyn North   Use and development of a dwelling 24/7/2018   Application
PA 2046   110 West Street, Daylesford   Alterations and additions to existing dwelling 24/7/2018   Application
PA 2014   59 Vincent Street North, Daylesford   Two Lot Subdivision, Construction of a two storey dwelling, vegetation removal and associated works. 19/7/2018   Application
PA 2048   10 Connells Gully Road, Daylesford   Construction of a Dwelling, outbuilding and associated works 19/7/2018  Application


PA 1990   38 High Street, Yandoit   Addition to existing dwelling, construction of garage, demolish three outbuildings and site cut greater than 1m 20/7/2018   Application
PA 2005   32 High Street, Daylesford   Two lot subdivision (re-subdivision) 19/7/2018   Application
PA 2057   26 Hill Street, Daylesford   Alterations & additions to existing dwelling 19/7/2018  Application

 Form 2 Notice

PA 2047   12 Connells Gully Road, Daylesford   Construction of a Dwelling, outbuilding and associated works 18/7/2018  Application
PA 2043   55 Mulcahys Road, Trentham   Use and construction of a Place of Assembly (Mens Shed), two outbuildings (shipping containers) and associated works (including car park and driveway). 18/7/2018  Application

 Form 2 notice

PA 1992   107 Beaches Lane, Newbury   Construction of 14 meditation huts, amenities building, effluent treatment plant and associated works. 18/7/2018  Application
PA 1906   10 Stony Creek Road, Daylesford   Construction of two storage sheds 16/7/2018  Application

 Form 2 notice

PA 2030   65 Lightwood Drive, Wheatsheaf   Two (2) lot subdivision (dwelling excision) 12/7/2018  Application

 Form 2 notice

PA 2015   1B Ingrow Lane, Daylesford   Use and development for the construction of a second dwelling, tennis court and site cut more than one metre in depth 10/7/2018  Application part 1

 Application Part 2

 Form 2 notice

PA1977  254 Daylesford-Trentham Road, Daylesford  Use and development of the land for group accommodation, function centre, health retreat and spa and associated works, removal of native vegetation and alteration of access to a road zone category 1 5/7/2018
PA2000  3870 Midland Highway, Eganstown  Alterations and additions to existing dwelling 4/7/2018  Advertising Plans
PA2024  15 Wynvale Drive, Hepburn  Construction of two (2) dwellings 25/6/2018  Advertised Plans
PA2039  5 St Georges Lake Road, Creswick  Two (2) lot subdivision 22/6/2018  Advertised Plans
PA1957  3021 Ballan-Daylesford Road, Daylesford  Construction of a new office building 22/6/2018  Advertised Plans

Public Advertising Recently Finished

These planning applications have recently been notified and the final day of the notification period has elapsed.  A decision on these applications may have recently been made or we are in the process of reviewing the applications after considering any objections that may have been submitted.  Council will endeavor to keep this list updated regularly and when a decision has been made, the reference to the application will be removed.  However to be sure, it is recommended that you contact Council and speak to someone in the Planning Department (5348 1577) to clarify the status of any of the below applications.

Application Number Address Proposal Final day of Notification


Advertised Documents
PA1958 60 Cambridge Street, Creswick Demolition of existing buildings, construction of a warehouse/showroom 19/6/2018  Advertised Plans
PA2012 154 Main Road and 8 Golf Links Drive, Hepburn Nine (9) lot subdivision 20/6/2018  Advertised Plans
PA1987  80 Mountain Creek Road, Clunes  Use and construction of a dwelling and associated works 15/6/2018  Advertised Plans
PA1866  34 Clunes Road, Creswick 15 lot subdivision with common property and alteration of access to a Road Zone Category 1 14/6/2018  Advertised Plans
PA1973  33 Main Street, Lyonville 3 Lot subdivision (re-subdivision) 11/6/2018  Advertised Plans
PA1925 12 South Lyonville Road, Lyonville 2 lot subdivision 5/6/2018  Advertised Plans
PA1905 41 Liversidges Road, Leonards Hill  5 Lot Subdivision (Re-subdivision of 13 lot into 5 lots) 4/6/2018  Advertised Plans
PA1873 Unit 226/1500 Midland Highway, Creswick Change of use to long term accommodation (dwelling) 29/5/2018 Advertised Plans
PA 1892 1-5 Hepburn Road, Daylesford Extension to existing aged care facility to include 46 bed rooms, extend kitchen, Theatre, practitioner room, physio/gym, workshop, dining rooms x 2, alteration to vehicle access, landscaping, additional carparking. 23/5/2018 Application    Documentation

Plans of Development

PA 1984 31 Leslie Street, Clunes Two lot subdivision 17/5/2018 Advertised Plans
PA 1903  40 Smith Street, Daylesford   29 Lot Subdivision 2/5/2018 Advertised Plans
PA 1784   22 Loddon Drive, Glenlyon   Use and development for the installation of telecommunications facility comprising a 60m lattice tower, associated equipment and equipment shelter and removal of native trees 17/4/2018 Advertised Plans
PA 462.01   1A Ingrow Lane, Daylesford  Amend plans for  the second dwelling for planning permit PA 462.01, which allows for the development of two dwellings 29/3/2018 Advertised Plans
PA 1927   3 Park Avenue, Daylesford   Buildings & works for the construction of a dwelling & site cut greater than 1 metre in depth 21/3/2018 Advertised Plans


Any document provided is made available for the sole purpose of enabling its consideration and review as part of a planning process under the Planning and Environment Act 1987. These documents must not be used for any purpose which may breach any copyright.

Objection to a Planning Application

You may lodge an objection to a planning application by clinking on the link below and filling out the relevant form.

You may also withdraw an objection by clicking on the below link and completing the relevant form.

Your objection or withdrawal can be forwarded to Council using any of the following options:

In Person: To any of Councils Customer Service Hubs at the addresses found at the bottom of this page.
Post: PO Box 21, Daylesford  VIC  3460

About Objections

To ensure the Responsible Authority considers your objection, make sure that the Authority receives it by the date shown in the notice you were sent or which you saw in a newspaper or on this site. All objections received prior to a decision being made will be taken into account.  If you didn’t receive a formal notice about a proposal you can still make a submission, but any submission must be received before a decision is made.

An objection may be lodged any time after the advertising period has commenced but can only be considered if received by council before a decision is made on the application. All objections are publicly available.

Copies of your objections/submissions are public documents which may be viewed by the applicant, Councillors or other interested parties for the purpose of consideration as part of the planning process


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