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An ‘advertised’ planning application is a planning permit application submitted to us that does not yet have approval. It is on exhibition for public viewing. Comments or objections can be submitted to us for consideration.  You may lodge an objection to a planning application by clicking on this link and filling out the relevant form and emailing it to Council.  More information about objections can be found below the table of advertised applications.

Application NumberAddressProposalNo Decision BeforeAdvertised Documents
PA 2714.01180 Lithia Lane (incudes 61 Mullers Lane)Boundary realignment between proposed Lots 1 and 2, and include CA 4a (61 Mullers Road) within the permit31/01/2022Application
PA 3089Clarkes Road FranklinfordThree (3) lot subdivision, construction of a bridge, native vegetation removal and creation of carriageway easements31/01/2022Application
PlnPA00348451 Perrins Street DAYLESFORD VIC 3460Alterations and additions to Existing Dwelling21/01/2022Application
PA 341986 Grenville Street DaylesfordTwo lot subdivision17/01/2022Application
PlnPA00344213 Church Street Hepburn SpringsTwo lot subdivision17/01/ 2022Application
PlnPA00347821 Table Hill Road DaylesfordDevelopment of community care accommodation17/01/ 2022Application
PlnPA00339616 Maxela Court DAYLESFORD VIC 3460Construction of 2 single story swellings17/01/2022Application
PlnPA00341740 Vincent Street North Daylesford 3460development of land for group accommodation and associated works including demolition of an existing building31/01/2022Application
PlnPA00342260 Basalt Road EGANSTOWN  VIC  3461Use and development of the land for a dwelling and shed31/01/2022Application
PlnPA003050103 Albert Street CRESWICK VICConstruction and use of the land for retail and office07/01/2022Application
PlnPA00342829 Canterbury Street CLUNES VIC 33702 Lot Subdivision31/01/2022Application
PlnPA00347911 Vue Court DAYLESFORD  VIC  3460Construction of single story dwelling17/01/2022Application
PlnPA00347516 Blackmores Road CLUNES  VIC  3370Alterations and additions to timber framed dwelling and move cross over17/01/2022Application
PA 34469 Blue Mount Road TRENTHAM VIC 34582 Lot Subdivision27/12/2021Application
PA 3470991 Daylesford-Clunes Road SMEATON  VIC  3364Subdivision (28 lots)06/01/2022Application
PA 1819.02240 Mcdonalds Road CLUNES  VIC  3370Amendment: Final plans for construction and access. Original Permit: Construction of two dwellings on a lot (dwelling and fixed dependant person’s unit) and associated works.04/01/2022Application
PA 3483120 Kangaroo Drive COOMOORA  VIC  3461Construction of 1x single story dwelling and 1x steel shed04/01/2022Application
PA 343622 Frazer Street DAYLESFORD  VIC  3460Alterations and additions to existing residence including an alfresco area27/12/2021Application
PA 343530A Vincent Street North DAYLESFORD  VIC  3460Demolition of outbuildings.  Construction of addition to the rear of existing dwelling (detached building)27/12/2021Application
PA 34671713 Daylesford-Ballarat Road NEWLYN VIC 3364Construction of 1 bedroom caretaker dwelling, partial demolition
and associated works (to be added to existing Sunday School
building and demolition of kitchen addition to Sunday school)
PA 3470991 Daylesford-Clunes Road SMEATON  VIC  3364Subdivision (28 lots)05/01/2022Application
PA 34443800 Creswick-Newstead Road ALLENDALE  VIC  3364Construction of dwelling and associated works05/01/2022Application
PA 347368A Grenville Street DAYLESFORD  VIC  3460Development of a dwelling and removal of three trees05/01/2022Application
PA 345823 Albert Street, CRESWICK VIC 3363Extension to building (commercial)05/01/2022Application
PA 333370 Camp Street DAYLESFORD  VIC  3460Use and development of the land for Group Accommodation and vegetation removal24/12/2021Application – Part 1

Application – Part 2

PA 3408260 Middleton Creek Road PORCUPINE RIDGE  VIC  3461Two lot subdivision24/12/2021Application
PA 3413184 Smokeytown Road SMOKEYTOWNDevelopment of new telecommunications facility24/12/2021Application
PA 324616 Bridge Street TrenthamTwo lot subdivision (infill)24/12/2021Application
PA 1249.01106 Torpys Lane GlenlyonAmended dwelling design and building envelope13/12/2021Application
PA 340534 Table Hill Road DAYLESFORD  VIC  3460Two lot subdivision21/12/2021Application
PA 33918A Westwood Street DAYLESFORD  VIC  3460Additions to existing dwelling6/12/2021Application
PA 3382260 Green Gully Road, GlenlyonConstruction of garage and swimming pool and associated works, including a site cut greater than 1 metre in depth17/12/2021Application
PA 340120A Howe Street DAYLESFORD  VIC  3460Use and develop land for residential buildings16/12/2021Application
PA 3362108A Raglan Street DaylesfordConstruction of second dwelling on a lot and associated works13/12/2021Application
PA 342311A Main Road Hepburn SpringsDevelopment of dwelling and associated works13/12/2021Application
PA 339315 Seventh Street, Hepburn SpringsTwo lot subdivision8/12/2021Application
PA 338718 Stanbridge Street, DaylesfordTwo (2) lot subdivision, alterations and extensions to an existing dwelling, construction of a second dwelling, and associated works including demolition of existing outbuildings8/12/2021Application
PA 330256 Spittle Road, CreswickUse and development of a dwelling and associated works, and creation of a carriageway easement7/12/2021Application
PA 1893.026 Candlebark Court, DaylesfordAmendment to include two lot subdivision (re-subdivision for boundary realignment)
Original Permit: Construction of a dwelling and associated out buildings, site cut greater than 1 metre and vegetation removal
PA 341044 Smith Street, DaylesfordConstruction of dwelling and associated works, including a site cut greater than 1 metre in depth2/12/2021Application
PA 3354150 Blue Mount Road, TrenthamConstruction of replacement dwelling and associated works, including a site cut greater than 1 metre in depth and 300 square metres in area, and decommissioning and demolition of existing dwelling2/12/2021Application
PA 3196280 Learmonth Road, ClunesUse and construction of a dwelling and shed24/11/2021Application
PA 3326211 Main Road, HepburnConstruction of a dwelling24/11/2021Application
PA 33347A Gunyah Drive, TrenthamFour (4) lot subdivision26/11/2021Application
PA 327228 Leggett Street, DaylesfordConstruction of a dwelling25/11/2021Application
PA 338431 Fourteenth Street, HepburnConstruction of a dwelling25/11/2021Application
PA 313535 Jory Street, CreswickThree Lot Subdivision and Buildings and Works for Two Existing Dwellings10/11/2021Application
PA 971.011510 Hepburn Newstead Road, ClydesdaleDevelopment of a Single Dwelling10/11/2021Application
PA 3307125 Old Ballarat Road, Sailors HillTwo lot subdivision and removal of native vegetation10/11/2021Application
PA 33954a Fourth Street, Hepburn SpringsConstruction of a Dwelling1/11/2021Application
PA 33924 North Street, DaylesfordAlteration and extension to an existing dwelling1/11/2021Application
PA 33836a Golf Link Road, HepburnConstruction of a Dwelling and Garage11/10/2021Application
PA 330018 Cushing Avenue, CreswickRemoval of Native Vegetation14/10/2021Application
PA 3377199 Bald Hills Road, CreswickUse and development of a dwelling and consolidation of two crown allotments25/10/2021Application
PA 337053 Broomfield Road, CreswickUse and construction of replacement dwelling and associated works, including decommissioning of existing dwelling to be used as ancillary habitable building4/11/2021Application
PA 33804 Vue Court, DaylesfordConstruction of a dwelling1/11/2021Application
PA 337470 High Street, TrenthamTwo (2) lot subdivision1/11/2021Application
PA 33954A Fourth Street, Hepburn SpringsConstruction of a dwelling1/11/2021Application
PA 33924 North Street, DaylesfordAlterations and additions to an existing dwelling, minor demolition works, and construction of a carport1/11/2021Application
PA 38336 Golf Links Road, HepburnConstruction of a dwelling and garage1/11/2021Application
PA 33697 Service Street, ClunesConstruction of a new bowser canopy1/11/2021Application
PA 335554 Currys Road, MuskConstruction of dwelling, Change of use for existing dwelling29/10/2021Application
PA 336818 Bridge Street, TrenthamTwo (2) lot subdivision29/10/2021Application
PA 330958 Dickersons Lane, DenverUse and development of a dwelling and outbuilding7/10/2021Application
PA 33272 School Road, ClunesVariation of Covenant PS 708902M (alteration of building envelope)25/10/2021Application
PA 3348Smokeytown Road, SmokeytownUse and construction of two dwellings and re-subdivision of the land27/10/2021Application
PA 335133 Lyonville Springs Road, LyonvilleUse and construction of a dwelling25/10/2021Application
PA 3357104 Thomas Mole Lane, GlenlyonAlterations and extensions to existing dwelling and pool25/10/2021Application
PA 337547 Perrins Street, DaylesfordConstruction of deck and domestic swimming pool and associated works including alterations to existing dwelling25/10/2021Application
PA 329898 Australasia Drive, CreswickUse of the land for domestic animal husbandry and associated works including construction of a shed25/10/2021Application
PA 32867 Candlebark Court, DaylesfordAlteration and extension to existing dwelling21/10/2021Application
PA 331233A West Street, DaylesfordConstruction of a dwelling7/10/2021Application
PA 3335153 Charlie Road, Elevated PlainsUse and development of land for a camping and caravan park and associated business identification signage24/10/2021Application
PA 325729 Millar Street, DaylesfordChange of Use of Dependent Persons Unit to use of (2) Two dwellings on a lot and reduction in car parking requirements25/10/2021Application
PA 322149 Mulcahys Road, TrenthamFive (5) lot subdivision24/10/2021Application
PA 321947 Albert Street, CreswickSection 57A amendment  Alterations and additions (including partial demolition) to an existing building, installation and display of signage, waiver of the required on-site car parking and the sale and consumption of liquor associated with a supermarket10/12/2021Application
PA 336026 Leslie Street, ClunesTwo (2) lot subdivision18/10/2021Application
PA 328461 West Street, DaylesfordTwo (2) lot subdivision16/09/2021Application
PA 334418 Vue Court, DaylesfordConstruction of a dwelling and associated works, including a site cut greater than 1m in depth11/10/2021Application
PA 3322230 McDonalds Road, ClunesFive (5) lot subdivision07/10/2021Application
PA 3151 – P11160/202180 Albert Street, CreswickDevelopment of a caretaker’s house27/09/2021Application
PA 2521.016 Nash Lane, DaylesfordApplication to amend Condition 18 and amend endorsed plans. Original Permit: Construction of a dwelling and car port04/10/2021Application
PA 33398 Mink Street, DaylesfordChange of use to indoor recreation facility (private training)29/09/2021Application
PA 1526.0236 Fourteenth Street, HepburnAmendment to Endorsed Plans, including alteration to dwelling design and siting. Original Permit: Construction of a dwelling and vegetation removal29/09/2021Application
PA 32972760 Ballan-Daylesford Road, Musk ValeConstruction of a dwelling27/09/2021Application
PA 32521500 Midland Highway, CreswickBuildings and Works for the relocation of a portable building associated with an existing use.13/09/2021Application
PA 33302A Golden Springs Road, Hepburn SpringsConstruction of a dwelling13/09/2021Application
PA 329433 West Street, DaylesfordExtension to existing dwelling and associated works including site cut greater than 1m in depth13/09/2021Application
PA 32761 Camp Street, DaylesfordUse of the land as an Arts and Craft Centre and installation of signage07/09/2021Application
PA 332145 Western Avenue, HepburnTwo (2) lot subdivision03/09/2021Application
PA 326462 Mendhams Dam Road, CreswickUse of the land as a plant nursery03/09/2021Application
PA 329090 Thomas Mole Lane, GlenlyonAlteration and extension to existing dwelling, deck and verandah03/09/2021Application
PA 30355 Central Springs Road, DaylesfordThree (3) lot subdivision and construction of three (3) dwellings and associated works, including a site cut greater then 1m in depth03/09/2021Application:
Part 1
Part 2
PA 32811447 Hepburn-Newstead Road, ClydesdaleAlteration and extension to an existing dwelling, construction of a carport, and alteration of access to a Road Zone, Category 103/09/2021Application:
Part 1
Part 2
PA 2832.016649 Midland Highway, YandoitAmendment to endorsed plans and permit condition 1. Original Permit: Use and development of the land for a dwelling03/09/2021Application
PA 320610 Perrins Street, DaylesfordTwo (2) lot subdivision (re-subdivision), construction of a dwelling and associated works including a site cut greater than 1m in depth03/09/2021Application
PA 33132 Railway Road, NewlynUse and development of a dwelling and associated works03/09/2021Application
PA 32412085 Daylesford-Malmsbury Road, DrummondAlteration and extension to an existing dwelling, removal of native vegetation.20/08/2021Application
PA 597.0130 Green Gully Road, GlenlyonAlteration and amendment to endorsed plans and removal of permit conditions 5 and 6. Original Permit: Use and Development for construction of a Dwelling17/08/2021Application
PA 3175102 Main Road, Hepburn SpringsAmendment to the use of the land for the sale of liquor (Packaged Liquor License)20/08/2021Application
PA 3260340 Kingston Road, KingstonFive (5) lot subdivision, removal of carriageway easement, and creation of access to a Road Zone, Category 120/08/2021Application
PA 328335 Camp Street, DaylesfordTwo (2) lot subdivision (re-subdivision)20/08/2021Application


Any document provided is made available for the sole purpose of enabling its consideration and review as part of a planning process under the Planning and Environment Act 1987. These documents must not be used for any purpose which may breach any copyright.

Objection to a Planning Application

You may lodge an objection to a planning application by clinking on the link below and filling out the relevant form.

You may also withdraw an objection by clicking on the below link and completing the relevant form.

Your objection or withdrawal can be forwarded to Council using any of the following options:

In Person: To any of Councils Customer Service Hubs at the addresses found at the bottom of this page.
Post: PO Box 21, Daylesford VIC 3460

About Objections

To ensure the Responsible Authority considers your objection, make sure that the Authority receives it by the date shown in the notice you were sent or which you saw in a newspaper or on this site. All objections received prior to a decision being made will be taken into account. If you didn’t receive a formal notice about a proposal you can still make a submission, but any submission must be received before a decision is made.

An objection may be lodged any time after the advertising period has commenced but can only be considered if received by council before a decision is made on the application. All objections are publicly available.

Copies of your objections/submissions are public documents which may be viewed by the applicant, Councillors or other interested parties for the purpose of consideration as part of the planning process

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