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An ‘advertised’ planning application is a planning permit application submitted to us that does not yet have approval. It is on exhibition for public viewing. Comments or objections can be submitted to us for consideration.  You may lodge an objection to a planning application by clicking on this link and filling out the relevant form and emailing it to Council.  More information about objections can be found below the table of advertised applications.

Application NumberAddressProposalFinal day of NotificationAdvertised Documents
PA 2963349 Hepburn-Newstead Road, Shepherds FlatUse and development of the land for a dwelling and outbuilding26/03/2021Application
PA 304538 West Street, DaylesfordExtension to existing dwelling, demolition of shed and construction of second dwelling26/03/2021Application
PA 2923280 Scobles Road, DrummondUse and development of the land for a dwelling and shed26/03/2021Application
PA 3115230 Whitegum Drive, WheatsheafUse and construction of a dwelling26/03/2021Application
PA 310548 Cosmo Road, TrenthamSix (6) lot subdivision26/03/2021Application
PA 3096349 Wrigleys Road, BroomfieldUse and construction of a dwelling, and construction of a farm shed and shelter shed12/03/2021Application
PA 308427 Vanina Street, HepburnConstruction of a studio12/03/2021Application
PA 30481409 Daylesford-Trentham Road, LyonvilleConstruction of a dwelling and shed05/03/2021Application
PA 273331 Millar Street, DaylesfordUse and development of the land for two dwellings including an existing dwelling, a studio and second dwelling to be used for group accommodation catering for 7 rooms05/03/2021Application
PA 2967225 Estate Lane, SmeatonDevelopment of a new dwelling for use as a caretaker’s house05/03/2021Application
PA 308531 Elizabeth Street, Creswick (2 Richard Court, Creswick)Three (3) lot subdivision05/03/2021Application:
Part 1
Part 2
PA 305819 Burrall Street, DaylesfordConstruction of a dwelling05/03/2021Application
PA 3078100 Main Road, Hepburn SpringsAlterations to existing dwelling and bungalow05/03/2021Application
PA 3013360 James Lane, Fern HillTwo (2) lot subdivision05/03/2021Application
PA 30298 High Street, LyonvilleTwo (2) lot subdivision (re-subdivision)04/03/2021Application
PA 3030171 Wilsons Lane, YandoitConstruction of a detached extension to the existing dwelling04/03/2021Application
PA 3083145 Hepburn-Newstead Road, Elevated PlainsExtension to existing dwelling03/03/2021Application
PA 1060.0139 East Street, DaylesfordAmendment of permitted use to indoor recreational facility (gym), and amendment to permit conditions including variation of hours of operation.
Original Permit: Convert existing building to indoor recreational facility (play centre) and associated food and drinks premises and buildings and works
PA 30814 Duke Street, DaylesfordTwo (2) lot subdivision16/02/2021Application
PA 307118 Gleeson Street, TrenthamFour (4) lot subdivision12/02/2021Application
PA 305614 South Street, CreswickConstruction of a dwelling and associated works12/02/2021Application
PA 897.01Shop 5, 22-24 Howe Street, DaylesfordAmendment to Permit Condition 2 (maximum seating capacity of 40 persons) and use of the premises for the sale and consumption of liquor.
Original Permit: Waiver of five car spaces associated with change of use from retail to cafe.
PA 2992136 Raglan Street, DaylesfordConstruction of a dwelling05/02/2021Application
PA 297937-37A High Street, TrenthamConstruction of two dwellings, three lot subdivision, demolition of outbuilding, and removal of vegetation03/02/2021Application
PA 3000529 James Lane, Trentham EastAlterations to an existing building and use as a Bed and Breakfast03/02/2021Application
PA 3074334 Trentham-Spring Hill Road, Spring HillConstruction of a dam and associated earthworks, and removal of native vegetation03/02/2021Application
PA 299160 Gays Road, WheatsheafAlteration and extension to an existing dwelling03/02/2021Application
PA 2988319 Daylesford-Malmsbury Road, CoomooraTwo lot subdivision (re-subdivision)03/02/2021Application
PA 306865 Albert Street, ClunesThree (3) lot subdivision03/02/2021Application
PA 3041Lot 2, 4 Jamieson Street, Daylesford Construction of a dwelling03/02/2021Application
PA 3040Lot 3, 4 Jamieson Street, Daylesford Construction of a dwelling03/02/2021Application
PA 30361205 Daylesford-Malmsbury Road, DenverUse and construction of group accommodation (two dwellings) and associated works03/02/2021Application
PA 30663472 Creswick-Newstead Road, SmeatonConstruction of a machinery shed including site cut greater than 300sq m in area and associated works29/01/2021Application
PA 288517 Angus Street, Clunes Two (2) lot subdivision15/01/2020Application
PA 304971A Duke Street, DaylesfordTwo (2) lot subdivision, and construction of a new dwelling20/01/2021Application:
Part 1
Part 2
PA 29546 Green Gables Road, Daylesford2 lot subdivision20/01/2021Application:
Part 1
Part 2
PA 306024 Stanhope Street, DaylesfordExtension to an existing dwelling18/01/2021Application
PA 036.01Shop 1 and 2, 97 Vincent Street, DaylesfordAmendment to use the land for the sale of liquor for consumption on and off the premises associated with a producer’s licence, to construct and display floodlit signage, and external alterations and painting. Original permit: General Liquor Licence and Signage18/01/2021Application
PA 3055113 High Street, TrenthamTwo (2) lot subdivision18/01/2021Application
PA 3051Justices Road, Little HamptonConstruction of a dwelling and agricultural shed18/01/2021Application
PA 304715 Albert Street, CreswickConstruction of a shed18/01/2021Application
PA 304375 Gays Road, WheatsheafUse and construction of a dwelling18/01/2021Application:
Part 1
Part 2
PA 3038Shicer Gully Road, GuildfordUse and construction of a dwelling18/01/2021Application
PA 29816 King Street, DaylesfordRemoval of native vegetation18/01/2021Application
PA 29497 Basalt Road, EganstownUse of land for a store and construction of two carports and awning roof to an existing shed for installation of a shipping container18/01/2021Application
PA 2943679 Hepburn-Newstead Road, Shepherds FlatConstruction of a replacement dwelling15/01/2021Application
PA 297271 Albert Street, Daylesford Development of a secondary dwelling13/01/2021Application
PA 2927207 Dean-Barkstead Road, RocklynTwo dwellings on a lot, alterations & additions and associated works.23/12/2020Application
PA 2995107 Beaches Lane, NewburyConstruction of community/meditation hall, four cottages for group accommodation, a caretaker’s cottage, associated works and landscaping10/01/2021Application:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
PA 303159 Melbourne Road, CreswickTwo lot subdivision10/01/2021Application
PA 30273 Creswick Road, ClunesTwo lot subdivision (re-subdivision)10/01/2021Application
PA 3024120 Whitegum Drive, WheatsheafConstruction of a dwelling10/01/2021Application
PA 302350 Peukers Lane, LyonvilleConstruction of a dwelling and two sheds10/01/2021Application
PA 3001230 McDonalds Road, ClunesThree lot subdivision10/01/2021Application
PA 298063A Central Springs Road, DaylesfordDemolition of two existing buildings and pool (toddler), construction of new buildings for amenities and storage, construction of a pool and shade structures, associated works and landscaping10/01/2021Application
PA 29763 Camp Street, TrenthamInstallation of demountable building for use as office and storage10/01/2021Application
PA 28846 Dysart Street, GlenlyonConstruction of a dwelling, outbuilding and associated works10/01/2021Application
PA 2924125 Main Road, Hepburn SpringsConstruction of a dwelling18/12/2020Application
PA 30199 Ayres Street, CreswickConstruction of a dwelling and crossover18/12/2020Application
PA 301530 Melbourne Road, CreswickTwo (2) lot subdivision18/12/2020Application
PA 3010764 Daylesford-Malmsbury Road, GlenlyonTwo (2) lot subdivision18/12/2020Application
PA 3009764 Daylesford-Malmsbury Road, GlenlyonTwo (2) lot subdivision18/12/2020Application
PA 3008764 Daylesford-Malmsbury Road, GlenlyonTwo (2) lot subdivision18/12/2020Application
PA 3007764 Daylesford-Malmsbury Road, GlenlyonTwo (2) lot subdivision18/12/2020Application
PA 3006764 Daylesford-Malmsbury Road, GlenlyonTwo (2) lot subdivision18/12/2020Application
PA 3005764 Daylesford-Malmsbury Road, GlenlyonThree (3) lot subdivision18/12/2020Application
PA 295175 Clunes Road, CreswickTwo lot subdivision10/12/2020Application
PA 2509.0110 Tierneys Lane, DaylesfordAmendment to endorsed plans. Original permit: Two lot subdivision10/12/2020Application
PA 29991/91 Albert Street, CreswickAlterations to an existing building10/12/2020Application
PA 2159.0149-51 Vincent Street, DaylesfordAmendment to endorsed plans associated with the use and development of the land for a community facility. Original permit: Use and development of the land for a community facility (including the provision of car parking to the satisfaction of the responsible authority), partial demolition, internal and external alterations & external painting and alteration to a Road Zone Category 1.10/12/2020Application
PA 29936 Cranneys Lane, TrenthamTwo lot subdivision10/12/2020Application


Any document provided is made available for the sole purpose of enabling its consideration and review as part of a planning process under the Planning and Environment Act 1987. These documents must not be used for any purpose which may breach any copyright.

Objection to a Planning Application

You may lodge an objection to a planning application by clinking on the link below and filling out the relevant form.

You may also withdraw an objection by clicking on the below link and completing the relevant form.

Your objection or withdrawal can be forwarded to Council using any of the following options:

In Person: To any of Councils Customer Service Hubs at the addresses found at the bottom of this page.
Post: PO Box 21, Daylesford VIC 3460

About Objections

To ensure the Responsible Authority considers your objection, make sure that the Authority receives it by the date shown in the notice you were sent or which you saw in a newspaper or on this site. All objections received prior to a decision being made will be taken into account. If you didn’t receive a formal notice about a proposal you can still make a submission, but any submission must be received before a decision is made.

An objection may be lodged any time after the advertising period has commenced but can only be considered if received by council before a decision is made on the application. All objections are publicly available.

Copies of your objections/submissions are public documents which may be viewed by the applicant, Councillors or other interested parties for the purpose of consideration as part of the planning process

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