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Applying for a Planning Permit

There are two streams of planning permit applications:

  • Those assessed under the standard planning process:
  • Those assessed under the VicSmart planning provisions:
  • It is important that you understand which type of application you need to apply for as the application form and information that is required to be submitted with your application will be different.

    It is recommended that you consult Council’s Planning Department early in the process of preparing an application to ensure you are aware of all submission requirements. Council cannot process an application until all relevant information has been submitted.

    Understand the process

    The Planning and Environment Act 1987 establishes the planning permit application process. For a more detailed description of the application process the links on the left of this page will provide a good overview of the planning permit process

    Alternatively, if you are unfamiliar with the planning process, you may like to read Planning: A Short Guide by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) or for an even more detailed description of the Victorian Planning System
    Using Victoria’s Planning System (State Government Publication) may be a useful resource. Using Victoria’s Planning System is a technical guide about planning schemes, the Planning and Environment Act 1987, and the Planning and Environment Regulations 2015, and also explains the interaction with other related legislation.

    Links to various application forms, a list of fees and information checklists for some types of applications that are often applied for within the Hepburn Shire can be found on the forms fees and checklists page.

    Additional information for various types of planning applications can also be found on the Victorian State Governments planning page.