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Public Notification

Some planning permit applicants are required to give notice of the application or to have it ‘advertised’. This means the application will be advertised to all persons likely to be affected by the proposal, usually the adjoining owners and occupiers and plans and documents will be available for review.

The form of advertising required may include:

  • Notifying the owners/occupiers of adjoining properties by mail
  • Erecting a public notice on site, as well as direct mailing
  • Placing advertisements in the local paper (e.g. The Advocate)
  • Hepburn Shire Council may be required to give notice or to refer the application to other statutory authorities (such as CFA, Coliban Water etc.) for comment. These authorities can object to an application, or require the placement of conditions on any Permit or Notice of Decision to be issued.

    View planning applications on public notice

    To view planning applications that are currently on public notice go to search applications on advertising page.

    The plans and documents listed in your search may not include all documents submitted with the application. To see all associated documents go to one of our service centres between 8.30am-5pm Monday to Friday.

    Making a submission to an application

    Interested parties are entitled to make a submission or to object to the application and are advised to do so before the date on the notice of the application. It is noted however that submissions/objections can be submitted up until the date that a decision on an application is made..