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Decision on a Planning Application

There are three types of decisions that can be made on a planning permit application.

Issue a planning permit

If your planning permit application is successful you will be issued with a planning permit and you can commence your land development or use project.

However, a planning permit is always subject to specified conditions that must be met.

Issue a Notice of Decision to Grant a Planning Permit

If there are objections to your planning permit application then Council can only issue a Notice of Decision to Grant a Permit.

The Notice of Decision to Grant a Permit is not a planning permit. It is a legal notice that states that Council supports the application if the land use or development meets certain conditions. These conditions are explained on the notice.

Council sends a copy of this notice to all concerned parties.

Refuse to issue a planning permit

If Council considers that the land development or use proposed in the planning permit application is not acceptable, it will refuse to issue a planning permit.

The reasons for the refusal are listed in the notice. All concerned parties will receive a copy of the notice.

Appeal to VCAT

Objectors and applicants can appeal to VCAT to review Council planning permit application decisions